Weekly Top 5 Countdown…. Top 5 Dennis Quaid Films

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Well, It’s about time for a new weekly countdown I think! Thanks for the positive feedback for the last list (Top 5 Kevin Costner films here ). Hope you all enjoy :

Number 5 – Savior (1998) ( ManCry review here)

This is classic Dennis Quaid. Great film and well played by Quaid. This had me in tears at the end, in the way only Quaid can pull off. If you haven’t seen it you should , pure classic. Dennis Quaid is so good, he can make a stupidly oversized, non shaped beret look GOOD!

Number 4 – The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

An enjoyable film, even though perhaps not the most realistic! Dennis Quaid playing a Dad in search for his son. You can’t really go wrong from there! Some good CGI effects and action scene. Nice to see Dennis still has his touch on the big screen after all these years. Keep rocking Dennis!

Nice little montage below

Number 3 – Vantage Point (2008)

I enjoyed this film – Dennis Quaid kicking ass as the president’s security. Some good action scenes and twists in the plot made this one the list in my opinion. Some great stuff from Quaid as usual. I wonder if the president has seen this film and would actually consider Dennis Quaid as his security guard? I think he should…..

Number 2 – Wyatt Earp (1994)

Dennis Quaid is simply awesome in this. He lost a shit load of weight to play the role and plays Doc Holliday superbly. One of my favourite films (number 1 on my top 5 Kevin Costner films here) and it just wouldn’t be the same without Quaid in it. Superb stuff!

Number 1- Frequency  (2000) (ManCry review here)

This is by far my favourite Dennis Quaid movie! I cried to this as usual. The parts over the radio between the dad and son and are just priceless. “I love you son” hmmmm. If only we could all speak to family members over an old radio, the world would be a far, far better place! Classic performance by Quaid with a movie ending that blew my mind. This one is a MUST see for anyone who wants a ManCry and who enjoys a bit of “old Quaid”

Little chief… hmmmmmmm

(I just watched the above video… I’m in pieces….. I love you son hmmmmmmm)

Well that’s another Top 5 films done Gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed my personal list and comments or feedback very welcome. Any ideas for the next weekly top 5? Then get writing below….

Have a great weekend little chiefs everywhere (hmmmmm)

Weekly Top 5 Countdown…. Top 5 Kevin Costner Films

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Welcome to our new feature – Our weekly top 5 countdown list. Who better to start off with than the one and only K man – Kevin Costner. Check back here daily to find out what’s at number 1!

Number 5 – WaterWorld (1995)

I don’t give a fuck what anyone says – This film ROCKS! It’s so corny it’s good. Some classic scenes and hey – Kev got the idea about global warming right way before it came into focus recently. So just remember, when all the icebergs melt, be sure to get a big boat, then go looking for a girl with a map on her back!  Dennis Hopper with an eye patch – Best bad guy ever!It just goes to show, whether on land, air or sea – Kevin Costner fucking rocks!

Nice little montage below

Number 4 – Robin Hood- Prince of Thieves (1991)

Two words – Fucking Classic! I think this was one of the very first films to do a CGI shot with an arrow. It was cool back then and it’s still cool now. Some great performances and classic lines throughout – including “Cancel Christmas” from Alan Rickman. And of course don’t forget the epic soundtrack – Overall I still can’t watch Robin Hood without smiling away throughout. Even as a peasant – Kevin Costner ROCKS!

Number 3- The Postman (1997)

(ManCry review here)

I think the Postman is rather like Marmite- You either love it or hate it. I happen to love it! There are so many great K man films to consider in this list but The Postman is at number 3 for 1 very good reason – When was the last time you got emotional over some fucking mail ? Kevin Costner is so god damn talented he can make us emotionally invest in a film centered around a postman delivering his mail. He doesn’t just deliver mail – he delivers hope! So the next time you complain about your mail being late – just take a moment and think what Kevin Costner did for you! An enjoyable film all around with some good scenes in my opinion. Some literally EPIC quotes throughout including the rather poetic “How much post can a dead postman deliver?”

I don’t know about you but when my son gets older I’m definitely gonna slip that quote in over the dinner table! Even if it’s something completly unrelated like “Man I got so drunk last night dad I thought I was gonna die!” “Well son, how much post can a dead postman deliver?” (pause and look at  my son in the eyes for at LEAST 30 seconds)  That should set him on the staight and narrow path !

– Ending scene below – EPIC!

Number 2 – Dances With Wolves (1990)

One word – EPIC (or Boring to some strange people). This is easily the best work Kevin Costner has ever done. I am a huge fan of this film and it’s actually rather hard to explain why it’s so good. You either love it or you don’t. Yes its a long one (236 min directors cut ) but that’s Kev’s thing. Some amazing scenery throughout the film and how the buffalo were “fake” during the hunting scenes is simply amazing ( I reckon they just killed a few then pretended they used “fake” buffalo).  It’s actually a pretty way of telling the truth how the Americans literally destroyed a race of people because they wanted to live in their country. No offence Americans but you can sugar coat it all you want – that’s a fact. Also just remember – Everyone is going on about how good “Avatar” is – its just Dances with Wolves in blue!

Ending scene..

Simply one of the best Soundtracks ever written below….

Number 1 – Wyatt Earp (1994)

Now I’m sure this film at number one will upset a lot of people! What about Field of Dreams I hear you shout at the monitor! Well Field of Dreams is so damn good it doesn’t even need to  be in a list – It will always remain at the top of films that make men cry so don’t panic. However this list is personal to me and  I don’t want to make it like every other list out there! So calm down and let me explain why I picked Wyatt Earp:

Wyatt Earp is simply a masterpiece . Kevin Costner is great at playing the cowboy roles and we love watching them. However Wyatt Earp has this special something. I can’t really explain it but if you ask what do you think of the Wyatt Earp film ( the K man version not the other one, Tombstone), most will reply “Classic” in a heart beat. Some really great performances in this from Costner, Hackman and Quaid . I had a lump in my throat when the father and son jail scene where he says goodbye. There are some absolutely classic quotes in this film not to be forgotten such as:

Clem Hafford: Is there gonna be a fight, Wyatt?
Wyatt Earp: I think there must be.

Wyatt Earp: Mister, I’ve been in a really bad mood for the last few years, so I’d appreciate it if you’d just leave me alone.

Nicholas Earp: Remember this, all of you. Nothing counts so much as blood. The rest are just strangers.

Wyatt Earp: What’s wrong with you?
Doc Holliday: What is wrong with me? What have you got? I am dying of tuberculosis. I sleep with the nastiest whore in Kansas. Everyone who knows me hates me, and every morning I wake up surprised that I have to spend another day in this piss-hole world. (To onlookers) All you can kiss my rebel dick!
Wyatt Earp: Not everyone who knows you hates you, Doc.
Doc Holliday: I know it’s not always easy being my friend, but I’ll be there when you need me.

If you are like me, you just read those quotes and now you want to watch it on DVD straight away! Of course part of what makes the film great is not only some great scenes with good acting but some great vistas and scenery to boot, along with a good story and soundtrack. But overall in summary, the reason this film is at the top of my list is 1/ It’s Kevin Costner! and 2/ Wyatt Earp is based on Wyatt Earp!

Wyatt Earp was a real man and what a fascinating life he lead. I find it almost unreal to think it this legend of a man only died in  1929 and his wife died in 1944! Think about that!  It’s amazing to think the amazing times these people lived in was not even more than 100 years ago! So that’s why this film is number one – A great movie about a great man! If you want to know more about the real Wyatt Earp check out this link

Movie scenes and soundtrack below.. enjoy….

Great Jail scene with the Dad from 5:40 onwards: (hmmmmmmmmmmm)

Well people, I hope you enjoyed this new Top 5 Countdown list. Of course there are so many great films to think about, but all were considered and I stand by my selection! Of course If any of you haven’t seen all these films – You have no excuses – Go and see them there great! Or just watch them again! Comments/Feedback and suggestions very welcome. Any ideas for the next top 5 list? Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed and had at least a smile 🙂

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