ManCry Moment Of The Day: Lessons In Life

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By far the best part of Rocky 5. Let’s just not talk about the rest. Great scene and as always, if you listen to the words written by Stallone, you can’t go far wrong! Enjoy the day Gents.

Mickey loves ya!!!!


Instant Classic – The Expendables Updated Trailer – Legendary Cast

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Well let’s be honest – This is an instant classic. It’s every mans dream – An action film starring all your childhood favourite action film stars. Just take a moment and read some of the names out loud to yourself for a second: ( I mean it, out LOUD)











FUCK ME this film will be brilliant! By the looks of the trailer there are even hints that it may have a “plot” or “storyline” but that doesn’t even matter to me. I’ll be seeing you in the cinemas in August then Gents…..

Laugh Of The Day – All The Rocky Movies in 5 seconds

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Here’s your laugh of the day people  – I know I laughed to it so thought I’d share! A bit of Stallone is always welcome on ManCry!

Have a great day Gents…

New Feature Suggestion – Get Voting Now!

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Thanks to fellow reader SJG for the suggestions. Would anyone be interested in a new countdown feature? For example “Weekly countdown – Top 5… Kevin Costner films” We already know what number 1 would be! It doesn’t have to be ManCry related so to speak as sometimes it nice to have some new material on the site. We can’t be crying all the time! Have some great suggestions already so let me know if you are interested.

Top 5 Stallone films anyone 🙂

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – A.I

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Well people, it’s that time of the weekend again! Here’s the soundtrack of the weekend – A.I ( A.I ManCry review here). A great soundtrack to a great film. If you haven’t seen it – shame on you! Rent it or download it now! I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend whatever you are doing! I have had very little response to my “Writers Wanted” post – which means either most of our followers are illiterate or just couldn’t be bothered to write something which we would surely enjoy! If you feel inspired please contact me ( ).

The other thing I’d like to share with you is some of the hits this website has had. Thanks to modern technology, when I log into ManCry I can see what pages you are loving ( Field of Dreams is still top) and what you all googled to find us. So below is some of the “Hilarious Hits” of the week :

“Legends of the Fall gay scene” (I must have missed that part!?)

“Mel Gibson Armageddon” (I didn’t realize he was in it!?)

“Mel Gibson Robin Hood” (yeah that one’s a classic!?)

“Who’s that big black guy in” (The Green Mile was found – god knows how!)

Keep the hilarious hits coming folks – I’m loving them! Anyone want “Hilarious Hits” as a  regular feature?

Anyway – enjoy the soundtrack and have a great weekend!

BONUS and completely UNRELATED : I  found this on youtube and just couldn’t resist. Wise words from Mr Stallone :

Rocky Balboa Montage – The Man, The Myth

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This is for anyone who is sitting in the office  feeling fat or has just over eaten like me – Best Rocky montage ever. I just smiled for 5 min and 18 seconds. Superb montage. I know this isn’t crying material (unless you count the 700 + hits to the face! ) but as you should know by now, Stallone is very popular here on ManCry! He’s number one in the Hall of Fame for a reason you know!

Is it just me or after watching this, you just want to go outside and grab the nearest punk, block with your face about 48 times then slowly get up and say ” I didn’t hear no BELL!”  (.……. I thought so….)


New Hall of Fame member anyone? 🙂

New! Hall of Fame added!

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Who's number 1?

There’s now a Hall of Fame on ManCry ! (Top right of header next to guest book or click here to check it out)

But Why? 1) Because it’s my website and  2)I thought I’d share some of the most memorable material I’ve come across. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome of course.

Also don’t forget you can now subscribe to ManCry and get e-mail updates. Just enter your e-mail in the box on the top right to receive a mail every time a new post is added. No spam no junk – just good old fashioned ManCry material! Alternatively you can see our About page to learn how to  follow us on twitter / facebook or RSS feeds.

Worst Sylvester Stallone Mix – Warning – may ruin your day

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(this video is so bad it can’t even be embedded – click “watch on youtube” to see)

It might aswell be Stallone week on ManCry,  with many of his films added this week. However I just stumbled across this video and it’s ruined everything for me. The video starts off like some sort of homo – erotic scene and gets better from there. This is a perfect example of the WORST music to put with a Stallone compilation EVER. Might aswell of gone with The Little Mermaid – its just as badly inappropriate. Is it just me or is Ariel hot? Anyway…… still a good video.

Rocky IV – Hearts On Fire (1985)

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For all of you who are watching at work or sitting at home with your beer belly tucked under the desk – this is for you. From Rocky IV – classic. Somehow watching this makes me  feel fitter and more active already.  In fact I feel so active I’ll do something about it – Getting up and making a coffee. Hey if I can change, if you can change…….. we can all CHANGE….

Seeing as we have seen the music for inspiration, we might aswell see the film trailer : Enjoy!

Not as good as the original Rocky but never the less a great film.

ManCry star rating ******** 8/10

Rambo – First Blood (1982)

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Now some people may find the Rambo series over the top but the fact is the first one is simply brilliant. Every man loves a bit of Rambo (if you don’t you’re wierd). Good soundtrack and some classic performances by Stallone.  Some good old fashioned proper stunts with vehicles and explosions. Non of this CGI hocus pocus …. Also who can forget the many many famous cheesy quotes to choose from . Lets be honest we’ve all used “Don’t push it. Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe. Let it go. Let it go” at least ONCE when in a heated argument.

Memorable movie quote

Are you telling me that 200 of our men against your boy is a no-win situation for us?
You send that many, don’t forget one thing.
A good supply of body bags

ManCry star rating ****** 6/10

The problem is Rambo isn’t so much a cry film but a film you watch and can’t help but say “haha classic ” and “ummm” to the TV while on your own.  The final scene is brilliantly ” ummmm”  but at the same time hilarious with the final line from Stallone… “find your LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGS”

Either way it is a classic

Here’s the final scene


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