Kitchen Nightmares: Season 2: Episode 2: Giuseppi’s

November 4, 2009 at 11:11 am | Posted in Fun | 3 Comments
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Yes yes yes I know this is a rather unusual addition to the ManCry blog but let me explain…. I was watching this in the hospital after my son had been born. I had already cried when he came out but I obviously had some more to let out.. Just picture the scene: My 2 day old son being fed next to me by my wife, me sitting next to them, all watching a very small TV in our little room. I started to get a dry throat when the father and son read out their letters… only to completely burst into tears and sobbing, while hiding behind a small plastic cup with orange squash in.

Yeah it happened. Yeah i’m proud of it. To get the full affect either watch the whole episode ( part 1 click  here )  or get married, have a baby boy and watch it in the hospital.

ManCry star rating while riding the emotional wave of fatherhood ********** 10/10 (this ones for you son hmmm)

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