Brotherhood (of War) (2004)

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I was recommended this film by a friend and I’m really glad I gave it my time. I’d never heard of it before that, but it was brilliant. A story of two brothers who fought in the South/North Korea war and I wont spoil the rest. Excellent action scenes of epic scale, some say it even tops Saving Private Ryan. I don’t think it’s fair to say that as they are two films about two different wars. Well worth a rent on DVD. If you aren’t in the mood to watch a film with subtitles then I would skip this one. However if you do, it’s well worth the reward- Shed a tear at the ending (**Spoiler** below )

ManCry star rating ******* 7/10

Brotherhood (of War) ending hmmmmm – Good music adds to the emotion. Enjoy

Soundtrack below: (miss you bro hmmmmm)


Saving Private Ryan (1998)

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Everyone in the Army has seen this and almost everyone has it in their DVD collection. Absolutely amazing film that really captures the grit and grim of the war . I broke into tears at the end of the film with  “tell me  I’ve lead a good life”. A truly moving piece of cinema that will  be seen by many future generations. As most of you know,  Tom Hanks and Spielberg later went on to make Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Memorable film quote  “Earn this”

ManCry star rating ********** 10/10

**Spoilers** Here’s the final battle scene with the”earn this” quote

and “tell me I’ve led a good life” ending to the film. Literally wiped tears away watching this (again).

Unbelievable soundtrack : Enjoy!

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