Sountrack Of The Weekend – Band Of Brothers

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Well, sorry for no soundtrack last weekend but I was busy working on becoming an international author. This is easily one of my all time favourite soundtracks – Band Of Brothers (ManCry review here). So put your feet up and enjoy some great music. Whatever you are doing – I wish you a  great weekend!Try fit in a ManCry if you can!

Of course I have to include the fantastic Katherine Jenkins version of the main theme. Superb stuff

And finally here’s a little treat – The ending of Band of Brothers – including the famous Winters speech ending. Emotional stuff. Here is a little fact for you –

When I came back from my tour of Iraq in 2005 – I went for a big meal with my family and friends to welcome me back safely. I stood up and made a speech saying thank you to everyone. I ended it by saying  ” Well I can’t put it any better than as Captain Winters said ” Were you a hero in the war? No but I served with a company of heroes.” Cheers to all the lads I served with . Truly unforgettable moments!

The Pacific – New Trailers / Updates – Coming March 14th

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*********UPDATE:***** MARCH 15th*****

Well I am a VERY happy man indeed. For those of you who don’t have HBO or live in America, The Pacific premiered lastnight. Below is the download links. The show airs every Sunday so check back Monday morning for the link. If any of you get stuck downloading the torrent, please go to the download page or write here and I will do my best to help you. You need to do 2 things:

1/ Download “Utorrent” (torrent software)

2 Go to : and download it. As of right now the first episode isn’t listed in the correct section, but you can find it on the main page.

Enjoy the episode and feedback very appreciated.Can it live up to Band Of Brothers?

*Please Note* No content is hosted on ManCry and is simply a link to another website*

Well , it’s only January 2010 and I’ve already watched Band of Brothers again from start to finish. I simply can’t wait for The Pacific to start! I only just realised there were some more trailers out, so I’ve updated the Pacific page with it as well (click here to view). Also if you have time, check out our friends at – All the latest info on the upcoming series.

Set your calendars for March 14th Gentlemen! That’s when The Pacific starts! As soon as I get a download link I will post it on here ASAP (probably from – great site for tv shows!) If it’s anywhere near as good as Band of Brothers, there will be at least one ManCry moment to love! Watch this space……

( Brilliant Band of Brothers theme sung by Katherine Jenkins here )

Requiem for a Soldier / Band of Brothers theme performed by Katherine Jenkins

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In time for the memorial weekend (11th Nov) I thought I would share this. Beautiful music from Band of Brothers performed by Katherine Jenkins “Requiem for a Soldier” . Moving Lyrics below. Thank you to all to the servicemen – They  sacrified their today, so we could have our tomorrow. RIP


Requiem for a Soldier

You never lived to see
What you gave to me
One shining dream of hope and love
Life and liberty

With a host of brave unknown Soldiers
For your company, you will live forever
Here in our memory

In fields of sacrifice
Heroes paid the price
Young men who died for old men’s wars
Gone to paradise

We are all one great band of brothers
And one day you’ll see we can live together
When all the world is free

I wish you’d lived to see
All you gave to me
Your shining dream of hope and love
Life and liberty

We are all one great band of brothers
And one day you’ll see – we can live together
When all the world is free

Also I found this. This really got my lip going : Hymn to the fallen – old proud men with their medals – how proud I am of them.

Something for the British :

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