Titanic (1997)

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(Titanic: The line at the Cinema took hours! It was women and children first…….)

OK I’m sure i’ll come under fire here but yes, I cried watching Titanic. Good film and yes it was a bit of a chick flick but the final scene where they were all dressed smartly at the end and reunited really got me. Hmmmm. Little did we know, any place that was slightly elevated and windy (roof tops, benches,car roofs) and of course any ship big or small, would result in drunk ugly couples saying  “I’m flying!” .Even worse than that,  a drunk single man shouting “I’m king of the WORLD” with his beer belly hanging out. Luckily I’ve never done that.

Memorable movie quote: “Look Jack, I’m flying!”

ManCry star rating ******** 8/10

Also who can forget the famous soundtrack song  by Celine Dion (guilty pleasure). No I mean it – who can forget it? No one- the song was number one for about 8 years! Good job Celine Dion is fit.

On a side note: Who would like to see Titanic: The Sequel !? Came across this on youtube as usual while browsing. “This summer Jack is back” has to be the best/sickest fan made trailer by far.  Almost as good as the Stallone mix

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