New Hall of Fame Entry- John Rambo vs John Matrix

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The great thing about the internet is simply this :  you can always find great stuff by accident. Ever wondered what would happen if John Rambo fought John Matrix? Well, I think we all have and now it’s your chance to find out. Very well done and really made me laugh – I especially like the gladiator soundtrack ripoff in the background. Of course it’s now been added to the Hall of Fame! Enjoy! If only all wars could be solved is this way….

New! Hall of Fame added!

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Who's number 1?

There’s now a Hall of Fame on ManCry ! (Top right of header next to guest book or click here to check it out)

But Why? 1) Because it’s my website and  2)I thought I’d share some of the most memorable material I’ve come across. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome of course.

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