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Welcome to our new feature gentlemen :  the Guest Blogger’s Mancry Questions. I can see a lot of you who visit our site have your own blogs. So I thought why not get your opinion on some ManCry content and help promote your blog. This weeks special guest is Eric who runs a fantastic blog called filmfather. be sure to check it out!

So here come the important questions:

What was the last film you had a good old fashioned Mancry too and why ?

That’s easy — the instant Mancry classic Toy Story 3. Any man who doesn’t weep at the final scene with Andy, Bonnie, and the toys needs to see his doctor…he’s probably dead.
Are you one of those people who rarely admit to crying at films or share that information readily ?

Depends on the film and who I’m talking to. I’ll do it in front of my wife no matter what the film…however, I won’t be telling my burly Italian buddy Tony any time soon that I well up at the end of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Have you ever cried to a film and then denied it or to cover it up ?

Sure, but I can’t remember which ones. For some reason, any film with a crowd that roars to its feet in cheers from a dead silence gets me every time (i.e., the end of Babe).

Favourite ManCry film of all time ?

Finding Nemo. I defy any father with a son to not cry at least twice at that movie (I’m good for a least three times).

Have you seen Field of Dreams and did you cry to the ending scene  (here) ?

Um, yeah! I’m a guy who played baseball with his dad. Is this a trick question?

Favourite film soundtrack ?

Hard to pick just one, and I’m not in front of my music collection right now, but here goes: Pulp Fiction, Heavy Metal, A Clockwork Orange, The Third Man, Saturday Night Fever, Purple Rain, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Any other comments you would like to share with our fellow ManCry readers ? ( could be recommendations  , a story etc )
Other Mancry films I’d recommend, or at least ones that made my eyes leak: The Green Mile, Monsters Inc., WALL-E, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Rudy, The Iron Giant, Philadelphia, E.T., Up…

Many thanks again Eric ! Most importantly, he has confirmed, yet again that Field of Dream is the ultimate ManCry film 🙂 If you have any more questions for Eric, please get writing below! If you would like to be our next guest blogger please write to



Reviews of films mentioned above

Article – Why The F*Ck Do Men Cry To Films ?

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Well I got that bored I decided to write an article myself. Sorry for the lack of activity here but I’ve been rather busy (got to work sometime you know!) I hope you enjoy it and your comments are very welcome indeed. If you feel inspired to write for this site feel free – just e-mail me at  (please put subject as MANCRY ) and I’ll take a look.

Here comes a ManCry....

Why The F*Ck Do Men Cry To Films ?

By Doug James (creator of

Have you ever wondered why the f*ck us men cry at films? Well you’re not alone! Why do we cry when know the film is a work of fiction? Why do we cry and try to cover it up with the classic line ”Something’s in my eye” excuse? Well, I will try my best to answer and analyse these questions for you the best I can in a short but honest article.

For a basis of my argument I’m going to refer to the mother of all ManCry films – Field of Dreams. If you haven’t seen this film, I suggest you do before reading on as this article will spoil the film for you and you won’t understand to what I’m referring too. Field of Dreams in literally generally regarded as the film that is guaranteed to produce a ManCry . I don’t know anyone who hasn’t watched that film and shed a tear or at least had a very, very dry throat while holding back tears.

The Father & Son

I think the most popular theme to a good old fashioned ManCry, is the father and son story. Anything that tells the story of a father and sons journey / arguments or bond really tends to hit a nerve with most men. But why is this? Well I think it’s simple : There isn’t a man out there today that doesn’t wish they had a better bond with their father. Or sadly even worse, wished that their father was still alive. Many men get on great with their fathers and have fantastic memories of their childhood with them. Most men would give ANYTHING to experience that again. Most men would just love that chance to speak to their deceased father or carry on the great experiences together. The final scene of field of dreams makes men flood with tears for the simple reason – we can relate to it and we want it!

Now I’m not even a fan of baseball but you know what? It didn’t matter one bit! It’s just the concept of being with your father again that is so moving to most people. I couldn’t have told you who shoeless Joe Jackson was before Field of Dreams , but ask any man if he’s seen the film and 99% of men will say ”of course!” followed by ”I cried my eyes out!”

The Music

Imagine watching Field of Dreams with no soundtrack. Imagine the famous final scene with only the dialogue. Do you think you’d still cry? Well Kevin Costner is that damn good so you probably would but it certainly wouldn’t be as enjoyable or moving. ( I’m a facebook fan of ”Kevin Costner is Such a Good Actor That He Would Rock Even in Lesbian Porn” fan page for a reason you know!)

I Also love film soundtracks. Musicians are so talented to be able to put together a string of notes which can completely control how we feel. Happy, sad, or relieved  to name but a few, all with just the way musical notes are put together. I find it simply amazing. I don’t know about you but I can listen to a film soundtrack and practically imagine the film scenes along with it. Very clever stuff indeed that I think is widely unappreciated.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, I’ll sum it up like this. The reason we have a good old fashioned ManCry is because we want to! We put the film on, we sit quietly, we burst into tears, we wipe our eyes and then say ”I don’t know why I do it to myself!” We LOVE IT! The father and son scene will always produce a ManCry, as almost every man can think back to his childhood, misses his dad or just wants to have a better or longer relationship with him. Imagining that you could introduce your wife or child to your dad they never met! What would he say or think? If I could have just one more day with my Dad! The list goes on and on…..The best part about a film like field of dreams is it will be enjoyed by generation after generation as we will never stop talking about our favourite ManCry to enjoy! Yes good acting helps (thanks Kev ) , a great soundtrack and a well written film all combined should last the test of time. Film writers/ directors dont always get it right I’ll admit that for sure. But when they do – something magical happens. Embrace it, share it or even deny it – either way – IT’S OK TO HAVE A MANCRY!

Field Of Dreams Ending Scene – Alternative Link Added

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Kevin Costner could make a blind man cry watching Field Of Dreams

Hello ManCry Followers! I can tell by the website stats you guys are going crazy for the Field of Dreams ending scene. Sadly YouTube has banned this video in some countries. I’ve updated the original post with an alternative link my “friend” added. Enjoy it while it lasts gentlemen! As far as I can tell, ManCry is still the only place you can enjoy the Field of Dreams ending scene in full 🙂

(Click here for Field of Dreams Ending page or here for the alternative link)

The Postman (1997)

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This film has the most boring title ever, but It’s awesome ! Kevin Costner rocks – end of! If you don’t agree –  log off this site – go watch this on DVD and then write me an e-mail saying “I’m sorry – I’ve seen the light!” It’s true most people hate this film but I thought it was brilliant. My site, my rules 🙂 I must admit I would of liked to have been at the film creative meeting :

Meeting spokesman : “So anyone got any ideas for a new film? Kev?”

Kevin Costner ” Erm how about a film about a postman – Worlds gone to pot, but a guy “delivers hope” as a postman?”

Meeting spokeman “Erm are you sure about this? It sounds a little …”

(Kevin Costner slides over a signed copy of “Field of Dreams” on DVD ….)

Meeting spokesman “Lets start filming next week!”

I think it could of happened that way at least!

Memorable film quote: “How much post can a dead postman deliver?”

(I’ll use that in many arguments for when my son gets older)

ManCry star rating ***** 5/10

Ending and some great scenes below:

Kevin Costner Talks About Field Of Dreams

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Be warned –  this was an emotional start to my day. Found this online – Kevin Costner explains why the hell Field of Dreams is so damn good. He also feels he has to share with us that his kids have travelled in limousines since they were  small –  not that we’re jealous. Just watching this interview makes me want to watch Field of Dreams on DVD and start the day off with a ManCry . Enjoy!

Field of Dreams (1989) – A must see !

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Still referred to by many as the greatest baseball movie of all time,  this film is sure to give you a good old fashioned man cry. Most men enjoy this film even if they arent a baseball fan and manage to break down in tears at the very end. With so many TV shows or other films making reference to memorable quotes such as “build it and they will come” few men can forget this true tear jurker . The unforgetable story of a son getting to see his father one more time can never fail to pluck a mans heart strings .

Man cry rating  **********10/10

more info at imdb: :

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