ManCry Helps The World Remember Cpt Phil Harris….

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Well, If you haven’t seen my RIP Phil Harris page it is here. Since posting this lovely little scene, It currently has over 17,000 hits! With my e-mail box regularly notifying me of all your lovely comments – I think the Harris family would be truly touched.

Keep the great comments coming and be sure to check out the video. Don’t know who Cpt Phil Harris is? Then shame on you!

I Cried Watching An Episode Of “Deadliest Catch” -Cpt Phil Harris Passes Away

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. I cried my eyes out. I’m a fan of the show and it is usually very entertaining. However, seeing the sad fate of Captain Phil Harris made me cry my eyes out. It was as beautiful and moving as a movie. Sadly it was 100% real. The hospital scene made me cry my eyes out again and again. What a lovely man and it’s nice to know he has thousands of fans across the world. You can download the episodes in full from, Season 6 episodes 14 & 15. Moving scenes below, as well as his memorial. RIP Phil. I broke down in tears again when they released the full pot and the seagull flew off…..

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