The Notebook (2004)

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I know this is a bit of a chick flick but man did the water works turn on at the end of this film. Usual story girl meets boy, boy is poor and girl is rich … most people can see the plot from the beginning but the ending REALLY gets you going. Trust me.  If you are like me ,you might  get annoyed throughout  the film for the woman acting like a slag but its OK, it all turns out well  in the end and the film is worth the slow build up.  It just wouldn’t be the same in this day and age – probably all be done on facebook. “It’s over” OK no problem – blocked ! (roll credits….)

If you’ve seen it I know you’ll agree it’s a good one, if you haven’t then make sure you see it

Memorable movie quote: “I read to her and she remembers”

ManCry star rating ******* 7/10

Here’s the main theme from the soundtrack aswell

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