Band of Brothers (2001)

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Well i know this isnt a film per say, but its simply has to be in the ManCry blog. This is one of the best war series I’ve ever seen. Originally aired on HBO in the USA and BBC in the UK this 10 part TV series captured many peoples hearts. You’ll find this in most mens DVD collection and is usually watched at least once a year. The series follow the 101st airport into battle from the beginning of the war until the company is disbanded. With real life interviews at the beginning of every episode, you immediately find yourself wanting to know who will survive. Excellent special effects and well written, this series will no doubt stand the test of time.

Memorable quote “Were you a hero in the war? No I served with a company of heroes” (ummmmmm)

On a personal note , just to put in perspective how good this series is. I spent about a year trying to convince a family member to borrow my box set. He stated on several occasions that he never watches TV and hasnt got time for films. I finally convinced him to watch at least the first episode and then if he didnt like it, he could give it straight back.

Weeks later, he turned up for dinner with the boxset in his hand and said “Thankyou so much for lending this too me, its one of the best things ive ever seen, really! Unbelievable, I broke into tears thank you”

I rest my case your honour, no further questions!

ManCry star rating ********** 10/10

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