Hall of Fame

Wild Boys Wild Boys!

Whilst browsing YouTube for ManCry material, I’ve had the pleasure of coming across some rubbish and some absolute gems! Therefore I’ve added a “Hall of Fame ” page – where some material is just so good, it deserves to be shared again. Enjoy!

1. The Stallone Mix –  This is SO BAD it’s GOOD. It’s number one because (be warned) once you’ve watched it, you cannot get “WILD BOYS, WILD BOYS” out of your head for at least 24 hours. I’ve caught myself singing this tune on the bus, in the car and even in the shower. Once you click there’s no going back!

2. Titanic: The Sequel – Anyone who spends this much time making a trailer deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. “This summer, Jack is back” has to be the best movie headliner ever. Let’s be honest, if it was a real film, You’d go see it! (wait, this isn’t a real film….?)’

3. The Circle of Poo – A parody of “The Circle of Life” on  a South Park episode. This had me in stitches. Sorry I can’t find the actual video anywhere, it’s even funnier with the actual animation. If you can, please let me know!

4: **NEW** Saving Private Ryan meets COD MW2 – This is so inappropriate it’s brilliant. An instant Hall of Fame if you ask me. Enjoy!

5. **NEW** The Ultimate Movie Montage – Someone’s taken the time to mix loads of films into a really entertaining montage. Well worth a look !

6. **NEW** John Rambo vs John Matrix – If only all wars could be solved like this….

More to come as I find them! Got any suggestions? The get writing below or on the recommendations page.


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