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  1. Good website

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  2. Nice site dude and thanks for the link. Mancry is now linked from Cinepub too.

  3. many thanks Cinepub

  4. Nice….Now every man won’t be ashamed to have a good cry!

  5. 500+ visits thank you all! Love to know your favourite ManCry film of course! I should start of I suppose so:

    You guessed it: FIELD OF DREAMS!

  6. ‘Field of Dreams’ does it for me every time; that whole father/son reunion thing.

  7. ‘Field of Deams’ gets me every time.

  8. Good to Hear Mike! Couldn’t agree more!

  9. Got a great quick little mancry for you here….

    Derek Redmond – A career plagued by injuries, Derek Redmond arrived at Barcelona with an eye on the gold medal. It wasn’t to be. With 175 meters to go in his 400 meters semifinal he pulled his hamstring. The dream had ended it seemed. Not for Redmond though. The succeeding events are etched in the minds of millions. Crying he stands up again, only to try to finish on one leg. His father watching from the sidelines joins him with words of comfort – “We’ll finish together”.’ Strength is measured in pounds. Speed is measured in seconds. Courage? You cant measure courage’, were the words used by the IOC to promote the Olympic movement by the act of perseverance. But for Derek Redmond, it was the only plausible thing to do.

  10. Hi Ben,

    Great recommendation – It’s now added on the main page. Enjoy!

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