Field Of Dreams

This website gets so many hits for the “Field of Dreams ending” ,   so we have dedicated a page just to it.  Now you can  easily find all your Field of Dreams needs below….

Field Of Dreams ManCry Review – Found out what we thought about the film.

Field Of Dreams Ending Scene – The famous scene that everyone cries at.

Field Of Dreams Soundtrack – The most amazing music that helps you cry.

The Kevin Costner Interview on Parkinson – Kevin Costner explains why the film is so damn good.

Why The F*Ck Do Men Cry To Films – My article based on Field of Dreams to why we love a good cry

Field Of Dreams Trivia – Some fun facts you probably didn’t know.

Field Of Dreams Goofs – Some mistakes you probably didn’t know either.

Field Of Dreams Quotes – Some unforgettable Quotes to enjoy.

Kevin Costner Related – Click to find all content related to Kevin Costner on Mancry (keep scrolling down after you’ve clicked)  –  such as The Postman, The Guardian and more…..


Field of Dreams on IMDB

Field of Dreams on Wikipedia


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