Inception (2010) – Mind Blowing Stuff!

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I’m never been amazing with words, so I’ll just say this the simplest way I can : Fuck me, you have to see this film! Amazing, mind-blowing, original and breathtaking would be just a few ways I can begin to describe it. Not much of an explanation needed, the trailer says it all as always. Best of all, this film has at least 2 ManCry moments to enjoy. I would spoil it but they involve a father & son  and a Dad wanting to see his children theme. I literally cried held back tears in the cinema. I even found myself doing the manly cough of distraction and It’s been a while since I’ve done that in a cinema!

By far the one of the best parts about the film is the ending. You could hear the whole cinema talking about it and I didn’t stop talking about in the car on the way home. So please do me a favour, go see this film in the cinema, because the effects are well worth the money alone and I really want to hear all your feedback. Did you get “emotional” and what do you think of the ending? This should be an interesting discussion!

Go book the tickets NOW!

ManCry Movie Quote :

Eames: [Shows up while Arthur is in a gunfight] “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
[Pulls out a grenade launcher]

ManCry Star rating ********** 10/10

P.s. Awesome soundtrack to the film as well.

Everybody’s Fine (2009) – A Good ManCry!!!!

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The trailer says it all. However what it fails to tell you is this: You will break down and cry for a good 20 minutes towards the end of the film. A really nice heart warming film, with little twists and surprises that were so well placed, I didn’t see them coming, and you can’t fight a ManCry when you don’t even see it coming! I’m still smiling while I write this, so I might have to even see the film again. Great performances from all the cast. If you fancy a good ManCry (and who doesn’t?) then be sure to check it out. Love to hear your feedback!

ManCry Movie quote “Frank Goode: [showing photos of his children to a stranger] A million feet of wire to get them where they are today.”

ManCry Star Rating ******** 8/10

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – Fringe (2008)

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Well I’m sorry it has been a while since we had a soundtrack of the weekend! My choice is Fringe. I just finished Season 2 and It is superb. I would describe it as “The new X-files”. The Fringe team is dedicated to all things wierd and wonderful and each episode is well written with new and exciting events taking place. However, the main story of the series is extremely well developed and Season 2 just finished with me on the edge of my seat. Also you have to watch this, as there are some EPIC father and son scenes throughout the series. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out! Season 3 starts  22nd September. (Season1 and 2 are currently on )

Did I mentions it has the same director and musician as LOST ( J.J. Abrams & Michael Giacchino ? Now you know its good 🙂  Enjoy the weekend Gents….

Lost Tribute: Lost Ends With Mixed Fan Reactions

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(For those of you who haven’t seen it already – The lost ending scene in full can be viewed here )

Well it’s official, Lost is finished. Now like millions of fans, I find myself with nothing to do once a week for an hour! I look back at the series and smile. Simple as that! My personal thoughts on the ending are this : It was perfect. I think it ended in a way that suited the series perfectly. I’ve heard several people saying “So basically the plane crashed and everyone died at the beginning” WHAT!? No! Everything that happened on the island was real. As Jacks Dad said, some died before Jack, some long after. The place they created can be viewed as purgatory if you wish. The point is, I really enjoyed seeing all the characters together before they went into the light. I wiped tears away as you heard Christian say “Hey Kiddo.”

I love father and son scenes in films, and when Jack said “Dad?” I instantly started to weep. It reminded me of the classic Field of Dreams ending scene! (Field of Dreams ending scene here).  My personal view about Lost is, it wasn’t about all the science and unanswered questions. It was all about the love story. The story of our characters that we learned to love,laugh and cry with. For all you hardcore sci-fi fans out there, I can understand why you were disappointed. But for all you love story fans, we walked away from the TV wiping our eyes happy. I would say it really was the best TV series I’ve ever seen with one of the most satisfying endings ever.

Of course, for me one of the most moving parts of Lost, was its superb music. Incredible. So as my tribute, please watch the ending (link above) and enjoy some moving soundtrack and montage scenes. Love to know your thoughts…

It was a pleasure being LOST!

Some of the BEST montages on the internet :

Some great soundtracks:

I haven’t put on the bloopers – because I like to pretend Lost is real 🙂

5000 + Hits And Counting… THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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Well, just a little note to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who visits the site. I’m pleased you all seem to be enjoying it. I sleep well at night knowing over 500 people have enjoyed the Field of Dreams ending scene, many have enjoyed the new “ManCry Debate of The Week” feature and lastly , all of you who seem to enjoy the many ManCry film reviews, soundtracks and other regular features. As always, I hope you have both laughed and had an inspiration to let the tears loose while browsing. Of course the more feedback and comments on here the better. If you have suggestions or just a quick comment you are always welcome, so get writing! Thanks again and keep on coming back! Remember – ITS OK TO HAVE A MANCRY!

Here’s a little treat. Our man Kevin Costner of course! Superb soundtrack. Listen to this and tell me you’re not in the mood to run around the woods pretending to be Kev. Maybe it’s just me…….

Yeah I Cried To Lost – At least I Admit It! Sun and Jin Death Scene / Locke’s Plane Crash (Hmmmmmm!)

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Yeah I admit it, I shed a tear to Lost the other day. Some truly moving scenes that really caught me off guard. If you don’t watch Lost – I’ve just TOTALLY spoiled a part of it for you!!!! Lost is brilliant, I can’t wait to see how it all ends. Until then, enjoy these moving scenes the superb music from the series.

I’ll be honest I cried to this too. A great father & son themed moment from the same episode of Lost. When Locke denied his Dad was gone, the tears started to flow!

Superb Soundtrack: Chills down my spine!

Rudy (1993)

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Well I can’t believe it took me so long to see this film. I agree, It’s a classic. Simple as that. Usual story of a kid who wants to do the “impossible” and manages to achieve it. Some good father and son scenes which had me with a very dry throat. I watched this with a living room full of family so I was holding back a little. I can easily see why people cry at this film. Made me smile, laugh and almost, almost cry.Maybe next time i’m sure. I must admit we all laughed seeing a young Vince Vaughn!   If you haven’t seen this already, go rent it / download it or buy it NOW! Thanks for the recommendation “Mr L” shall we say ( You know who you are.) Great soundtrack really adds to the dry throat (hmm).

Memorable Movie Quote :

Fortune : “You’re 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and you have barely a speck of athletic ability. And you hung in there with the best college football players in the land for 2 years. And you’re gonna walk outta here with a degree from the University of Notre Dame. In this life, you don’t have to prove nothin’ to nobody but yourself. And after what you’ve gone through, if you haven’t done that by now, it ain’t gonna never happen. Now go on back”

ManCry Star Rating ********* 9/10

Ending scene, montage and soundtrack below:

The Pacific / Band Of Brothers Soundtrack & Intro Starting Theme Comparison

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Well, I’m sitting in my office with chills down my spine listening and watching both Soundtracks. Love them both, simply amazing pieces of music. I thought I would take the time to put both of them on one post for you to enjoy and perhaps compare.

Which do you prefer? It’s a hard choice, they are both beautiful in my eyes but I’d have to say Band Of Brothers wins for me. Just can’t beat it!  Roll on the next episode……..

Don’t forget to check out my page on “The Pacific” download links and guide if you haven’t already here.

Read my article about “Band Of Brother Syndrome” here

ManCry Tribute to the soldiers here

Enjoy Gents: (dry throat time hmmmmm)

Watch and listen in the order below and try to make a decision! Very hard indeed! Feel free to vote below

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – Wyatt Earp

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"You didn't just push in line did you?"

Have you ever had one of those crazy dreams that’s really random? Well I had one last night, I was in a queue for something, at a fishing store I think when I suddenly noticed I was behind Wyatt Earp (Kevin Coster edition). Now that was random and also wierd, as I haven’t been to a fishing store in ages!

So I thought that must mean some sort of subconscious message to have Wyatt Earp as the Soundtrack Of The Weekend

As you may or may not know, Wyatt Earp is number one on my Kevin Costner Top 5 Countdown (here) (including the great father/son jail scene) . EPIC film and EPIC soundtrack.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the positive feedback from you all, don’t forget you can write a quick review for the website on rate it all (button on the right), it takes less than a minute and would make me very happy to hear your feedback.

Last but not least, if you haven’t read my famous Kevin Costner & Modern West live review by now, click here – Im pleased to say it’s been very popular and made a lot of people smile

“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Enjoy and have a great Weekend, whatever you may be doing (apart from surfing and recommending ManCry..)

Plus a great tribute video I found:

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – Kevin Costner & Modern West

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Well I know this isn’t a film soundtrack per se but as my live Kevin Costner & Modern West review is proving popular and with positive feedback, I thought hey “Lets have some more Kev!” If you haven’t read my review yet click here , otherwise enjoy some great music below. Have a great weekend all.

Love this one…

More Kevin Costner music and related stuff here

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