Osama Bin Laden is DEAD! USA USA USA!!!

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This isn’t remotely related to Mancry but hey it’s my blog 🙂 Today is a fantastic day . US forces killed Bin Laden. The head of the snake has been cut off and although terrorism won’t stop overnight,  it is a massive milestone for victims of 9/11 and the American people.

So a huge congratuations to everyone around the world, Americans , servicemen, both old and new.  I’m not even American but fuck it : Terrorists : Don’t fuck with the U S of A 🙂 AMERICAAAAAAA!!

I couldn’t think of a better time for this song:

The Expendables 2 : What We Know So Far

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Possible Cast? Fuck Hogan..



If the latest rumours are correct, Expendables 2 may be set to commence shooting this year, and could feature an appearance from Jean-Claude Van Damme…

With the box office success of The Expendables last year, it’s inevitable that Sylvester Stallone would want to get a sequel underway as soon as possible. According to Bruce Willis, Expendables 2 could begin filming sooner than we’d expected. Collared as he left the Golden Globes on Sunday, the actor said, “Apparently it’s going to happen this year.”

When asked whether he’s going to reprise his brief but memorable role as Mr. Church from the first film, he said, “As far as I know, barring any unforeseen circumstances, but yeah, I would love to be a part of it.”

There are also rumours, meanwhile, that Jean-Claude Van Damme may be set to appear in the sequel, having turned down the chance to appear in the first Expendables movie. This is according to the website Van Damme Fans (which comes to us via Dark Horizons), where filmmaker Sheldon Lettich (who wrote and directed the Van Damme movies AWOL and Double Impact) suggests that the Muscles from Brussels could be set to sign up, but only if “Steven Seagal is not in the sequel”.

Legend has it that Van Damme and Seagal almost came to blows at a party held by Stallone at his Miami home in 1997. There was apparently a disagreement over which actor could “kick the other’s ass”. In a 2008 interview, Stallone told the magazine FHM that, when Van Damme offered Seagal a bout of combat in the back garden, the latter “made his excuses and left”.

How much weight we can put on Van Damme’s Expendables 2 appearance isn’t yet clear, but given the success of the first film, we’d be surprised if Van Damme turned down a second opportunity of appearing alongside Stallone and his action contemporaries.

(source Dean of Geek)

Let’s be honest – The Expendables 2 trailer could literally state ” No Story Line. No Plot. Just Action.” Come to think of it, that might even happy. We wouldn’t give a fuck, we’d see it anyway. I know what you’ll all thinking, there was a storyline in the first film?

Roll on The Expendables 2! Most important of all, Who would you like to see star in the film? Chuck Norris anyone….

Get typing below….


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From Mancry!

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I love Christmas! Forget opening that present..

Sorry for the lack of updates on here everyone. I just wanted to take the time to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope 2011 brings you happiness and joy bla bla bla….. More content coming in 2011 , recently saw tron legacy in 3D. Some good father & son moments there mmmm. Well worth a watch I think. Review coming soon.  See you in 2011!


ManCry Is One Year Old ! Thanks Everyone!!!Here’s Some Facts!

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What do you MEAN you like the way my ass looks in these jeans?

Well well well, can you believe it! ManCry is now one year old. To think this small little blog started as an idea to share my laughs and more importantly tears with you all a year ago. I’m very surprised and pleased to have as of this posting, slightly short of 10,000 hits! A big thank you to each and every one of you for enjoying the site. As always, feedback wanted! I promise more soundtracks of the weekend, movie reviews, ending scenes and hell, even more midgets if you want it. I hope at least you have shared a laugh with me on here and also thought “what a classic!” when reading some of my movie choices. Here are some fun facts for you : (figures up to date as of this posting)

9,846 visits to Mancry

1,979 views to Capt Phil Harris Funeral scene! RIP Phil!

788 views to Field of Dreams of ending scene (our biggest search hit). Proudly supporting you all having a good cry to this amazing scene!

319 views – ManCry debate of the week – would you fire a midget ?

245  of Kevin Costner & Modern West Live Review

198 views of The Expendables Movie Review ( I hope you have seen this already by now!!)

151 views of Hall of Fame

Also 889 views to my Happy Easter post! I think it must be the GREAT picture I found 🙂

These are just some of our top hits I thought I would share. More disturbingly, thanks to wordpress, I can see the top searches you crazy people put in google to find ManCry!

1st place :   “bunnys” – I told you its the picture!

2nd place “field of dreams ending scene”

3rd place “midget”

I’d really love to see some shrink analysis all this. Then again, it might just be as simple as, most guys love a bit of field of dreams and midget entertainment. In that case, I have a great movie idea…. Field Of Dreams (with midgets) !? Now If I can just find the funding….

Here’s the pics just for your amusement ! THANKS AGAIN ALL & KEEP COMING BACK 🙂

(Makes me so proud looking at those!)

Great News For Lost Fans: “Lost” stars Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn will be back!

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Great news for Lost fans!  “Lost” stars Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn are set to star in a new J.J. Abrams series on NBC. NBC now has the rights to a new Michael Emerson/Terry O’Quinn series, after the network competed with both ABC and Fox to land the show. For now, NBC has made a pilot commitment for the show, originally titled “Odd Jobs,” but untitled for now. Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn are said to play ex-black ops agents, and the series was pitched as a comedic drama.

If you miss lost like crazy, be sure to check out our lost dedicated post here . Ending scene, montage, music videos and more.  Just like this amazing clip – Can’t beat a bit of Lost 🙂

Father and son scenes with Jack and Christen here

Lost Ringtones here


Source: popcrunch.com

ManCry Featured On TotalFilm.com

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Yes you read that right. ManCry is now even more famous (and rightfully so) as we are proudly featured on totalfilm.com (link here). I love the fact the latest article which everyone seems to be enjoying , is the Would you fire an ugly girl debate of the week feature, slightly off topic but glad people are enjoying. Still, we are most famous for our ManCry film reviews and ending scenes. Still in the lead by far is the Field of Dreams page with ending scene. I can’t bring myself to watch it again……

Requests welcome  for more films to add or new debate topics. Keep coming back we love you 🙂 And so does Kev.

New Sharing Options – Updated & Live Now – Help The World Have A ManCry!

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Our Mancry technicians hard at work.

Now thanks to wordpress, at the bottom of every post there are even more share options. Now it’s as simple as just clicking which button you would like to use (facebook, twitter, digg it, e-mail etc). So you officially have no excuses left not  to share your favourite mancry material. Unless that is, you’re too fucking lazy to press the button ? Fatty?

Get sharing, Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams Ending Scene – the more exposure, the better. It’s what Kev would want.

New Tweet Button Feature – Help The World Cry!

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It’s now even easier to share your favourite ManCry content with The World! Now at the bottom of each post, you’ll see a tweet button. Just click this to share the link e.g. “Field of Dreams Ending Scene” to help others cry their eyes out. The number next to the button shows how many times it has been tweeted. I must admit, until now I thought the person who invented “twittering” was a “twat”, but now it’s quite useful 🙂  So feel free to share the posts you like here .

(all of them obviously!?)

(if you can’t see the twitter button at the bottom, it’s because you haven’t clicked on the actual post)

For anyone that didn’t know, you can follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/mancry01

Everybody’s Fine (2009) – A Good ManCry!!!!

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The trailer says it all. However what it fails to tell you is this: You will break down and cry for a good 20 minutes towards the end of the film. A really nice heart warming film, with little twists and surprises that were so well placed, I didn’t see them coming, and you can’t fight a ManCry when you don’t even see it coming! I’m still smiling while I write this, so I might have to even see the film again. Great performances from all the cast. If you fancy a good ManCry (and who doesn’t?) then be sure to check it out. Love to hear your feedback!

ManCry Movie quote “Frank Goode: [showing photos of his children to a stranger] A million feet of wire to get them where they are today.”

ManCry Star Rating ******** 8/10

“The Expendables” Is Almost Here! INSTANT CLASSIC ALERT!

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Sly "Just kidding lol. But seriously I could!"

Greatest movie cast ever.Period

**UPDATED** 13th Aug – Click here for The Expendables review

Well Gents, we can’t be crying all the time. So you should go and see this film. Its released this month and literally, will be an instant classic (not verified). With a cast of all your favourite action stars of the 80’s/90’s – it’s bound to be a success. Just add some explosions, guns and women and it’s gonna be great. Hell, from what I can tell about the trailer, there appears to be hints of an actual “Storyline” and occasional  scenes of  attempted “dialogue“. Does that mean Stallone even wrote, dare I say “a script” for this movie!? Brilliant! So go and be a big kid and be sure to check out this one. You won’t be disappointed.  Now let’s get down to an important question. Who would win in a real fight out of all these dudes ?

(Stallone, obviously, as he would always keep getting back up and saying ” That ain’t so bad” & “I didn’t hear no bell!”

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