ManCry Helps The World Remember Cpt Phil Harris….

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Well, If you haven’t seen my RIP Phil Harris page it is here. Since posting this lovely little scene, It currently has over 17,000 hits! With my e-mail box regularly notifying me of all your lovely comments – I think the Harris family would be truly touched.

Keep the great comments coming and be sure to check out the video. Don’t know who Cpt Phil Harris is? Then shame on you!


ManCry Is One Year Old ! Thanks Everyone!!!Here’s Some Facts!

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What do you MEAN you like the way my ass looks in these jeans?

Well well well, can you believe it! ManCry is now one year old. To think this small little blog started as an idea to share my laughs and more importantly tears with you all a year ago. I’m very surprised and pleased to have as of this posting, slightly short of 10,000 hits! A big thank you to each and every one of you for enjoying the site. As always, feedback wanted! I promise more soundtracks of the weekend, movie reviews, ending scenes and hell, even more midgets if you want it. I hope at least you have shared a laugh with me on here and also thought “what a classic!” when reading some of my movie choices. Here are some fun facts for you : (figures up to date as of this posting)

9,846 visits to Mancry

1,979 views to Capt Phil Harris Funeral scene! RIP Phil!

788 views to Field of Dreams of ending scene (our biggest search hit). Proudly supporting you all having a good cry to this amazing scene!

319 views – ManCry debate of the week – would you fire a midget ?

245  of Kevin Costner & Modern West Live Review

198 views of The Expendables Movie Review ( I hope you have seen this already by now!!)

151 views of Hall of Fame

Also 889 views to my Happy Easter post! I think it must be the GREAT picture I found 🙂

These are just some of our top hits I thought I would share. More disturbingly, thanks to wordpress, I can see the top searches you crazy people put in google to find ManCry!

1st place :   “bunnys” – I told you its the picture!

2nd place “field of dreams ending scene”

3rd place “midget”

I’d really love to see some shrink analysis all this. Then again, it might just be as simple as, most guys love a bit of field of dreams and midget entertainment. In that case, I have a great movie idea…. Field Of Dreams (with midgets) !? Now If I can just find the funding….

Here’s the pics just for your amusement ! THANKS AGAIN ALL & KEEP COMING BACK 🙂

(Makes me so proud looking at those!)

I Cried Watching An Episode Of “Deadliest Catch” -Cpt Phil Harris Passes Away

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Yes, you read the headline correctly. I cried my eyes out. I’m a fan of the show and it is usually very entertaining. However, seeing the sad fate of Captain Phil Harris made me cry my eyes out. It was as beautiful and moving as a movie. Sadly it was 100% real. The hospital scene made me cry my eyes out again and again. What a lovely man and it’s nice to know he has thousands of fans across the world. You can download the episodes in full from, Season 6 episodes 14 & 15. Moving scenes below, as well as his memorial. RIP Phil. I broke down in tears again when they released the full pot and the seagull flew off…..

The Expendables (2010) – A Proper Fucking Action Film For Men!

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Sly "Tell me again why you didn't like this movie!!!"

Well Gents, I can’t put this any other way than – WHAT A FUCKING FILM! I know it’s had it’s bad reviews already but hey those people simply don’t like action films. I was completely blown away by this film. With cheesy one liners throughout and more blood and violence than a mexican street rape, I don’t think anyone left the cinema without a smile on their face. Stallone hit the nail on the head with this movie. Just imagine all the men over the world going to see this film. Now you will be one of those men, who informs your friend “Dude, you have to see this movie!

I’m fairly confident that  in many years to come, kids will be studying this film instead of Shakespeare. Just stop and think for a moment here. Stallone , as of writing this post, it 65 years old. I’ll say that again – sixty-five fucking years old! Fuck me! I’m worried that I have to use a wheelchair or  piss myself uncontrollably when I’m 65 and Sly is running around killing people, punching people and being a badass! In the future there will probably be statues of Stallone in every city park with the motto “Sly can do it, so can you”.  Before countries go to war, they will watch the final scene from The Expendables. The first born male child of every family in America will be named Sly. Thousands of families will sit by the television every evening at 7 pm, to see “Sly’s wise words” (A montage of clips and sayings from all his greatest films.) When people die, at their funeral, the soundtrack will always be “eye of the tiger” at every service. You get the point.

If he keeps going at the rate he is now, he will be set for The Expendables 5 by the time he is 75! Seriously, what an amazing achievement to star in this film at 65, let alone write and direct it. Yes, his face looks like he has been through 2 world wars, but look at him – he’s ripped as hell and in amazing shape for his age. (god bless steroids)

You need to see this film in the cinema because it puts money in Sly’s pocket and he deserves it – simple as that. Just think about this concept for one moment. The film does very well. It does so well , that Sly announces a year later that they will make another one. Jean Claude Van Damme anyone!? Steven Seagal!? Chuck Norris!? The potential for a second film already gets me hard excited. The bottom line is – This is an action film for men. If you’re a man go and see it. If you don’t, you might as well spit in Sly’s face. Then spit in ever mans face that loves a good action movie. God I’ve actually sat through Twilight (not my choice)  in the cinema and was bored shitless, watching pale vampires leaping through the forrest. Finally a proper fucking action film FOR MEN! Oh and if you like Twilight and I’ve offend you? Get the fuck off my website, you’re not welcome here. We love Sly and we love this film!

(loads shotgun) Now who’s up for The Expendables II!

You WISH you looked even close to this

Inception (2010) – Mind Blowing Stuff!

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I’m never been amazing with words, so I’ll just say this the simplest way I can : Fuck me, you have to see this film! Amazing, mind-blowing, original and breathtaking would be just a few ways I can begin to describe it. Not much of an explanation needed, the trailer says it all as always. Best of all, this film has at least 2 ManCry moments to enjoy. I would spoil it but they involve a father & son  and a Dad wanting to see his children theme. I literally cried held back tears in the cinema. I even found myself doing the manly cough of distraction and It’s been a while since I’ve done that in a cinema!

By far the one of the best parts about the film is the ending. You could hear the whole cinema talking about it and I didn’t stop talking about in the car on the way home. So please do me a favour, go see this film in the cinema, because the effects are well worth the money alone and I really want to hear all your feedback. Did you get “emotional” and what do you think of the ending? This should be an interesting discussion!

Go book the tickets NOW!

ManCry Movie Quote :

Eames: [Shows up while Arthur is in a gunfight] “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
[Pulls out a grenade launcher]

ManCry Star rating ********** 10/10

P.s. Awesome soundtrack to the film as well.

ManCry Debate Of The Week – Would You Fire A Person With Tourettes Syndrome

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Well, It’s that time of the week again Gents! It’s time for a new debate and this weeks topic is:

ManCry Debate Of The Week – Would You Fire A Person With Tourette’s Syndrome ?

Like many people who suffer some sort of disability, they integrate themselves into the everyday work force and lead normal lives just like the rest of us. However, I think Tourette’s has to be one of the better problems to have in life. I think it’s somewhat of a blessing to always be able to say what you think : the truth. Sure there are probably some jobs you shouldn’t expect to see a Tourettes sufferer do, for example :

1. An Opera Singer

2. A Ventriloquist

3. A voice over actor for Disney

To be honest, if you have  a Tourette’s sufferer in the work place, it could be rather refreshing. Think of all the people you know who lick the arse of their boss to get a raise, who constantly love every single idea their boss gets, so they think it improves their chance of promotion, or the many, many people you know who are very, very polite to someone’s face and then slags them off behind their back. Well hello Mr Tourettes. No bullshit, no fuss:

Your Boss “So if no one objects I think we should ju…”

“Mr Tourettes “Fucking bullshit… Wanker!”

Boss “OK forget that idea, well said thanks”

I”m sure for the sufferer it must be annoying for them to always say what’s on their mind I’m sure. But personally I wouldn’t mind it in the work place. Hell if I had my choice I’d have several employees with Tourettes, sitting next to each other. That way they can set each other off all day and not get annoyed at each other, as they both can’t help it. However, when I say  Tourettes employees, I’m talking about the ones who swear and say what’s on their mind. I have no problem with that. What really annoys me are these “new” so called Animal Tourettes sufferers. Swearing and saying your mind is one thing but making dog,cat, any household pet noises all day – Fuck that! I’d encourage them to swear,shout or sing all day instead of that. Imagine sitting next to a small annoying little dog in the workplace for 8 hours! It would be just the same. So let be clear, “old school” Tourettes – Brilliant, no problem and they would never get sacked, their great! But the “new breed” animal noise Tourettes  – No. Actually yes in some cases. E.g. a kid who always makes dog barking noises – Sure you can get a job – but only working with dogs. Get my drift? So then, that’s my opinion Gents, yours as always is very welcome below:

But first please enjoy this : The clip below is by far the best documentary I’ve ever seen about people living with tourettes.It made me laugh so hard while at the same time making me understand what it must be like. The analogy at the end the guy uses about how no one wants to play charades with him is simply brilliant.

Flight Delays – The Latest Information For Those Of You Who Are Stuck In Europe! Lift Sharing Info / Live Feed

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Look on the bright side, It's like a big game of RISK!

Well my family are on vacation with me right now. They still haven’t managed to fly home yet. The most frustrating thing about all of this is the news, airports, flight companies and radio all have conflicting reports! So here is the latest update and the best sites to check out to keep updated:

As of this posting, Spain seems to have the most open airports. For a map of open airports in Europe that is updated regularly click HERE (NewYork Times) . Most companies are redirecting passengers to Spain.

For the latest information about European airspace click HERE (NATS)

For a live feed to see the volcano that is causing all this trouble click HERE

For those of you lucky enough to be on the worst airline RYAN AIR, they do not contact you at all! Just try to reschedule your flight yourself online. For those of you stuck in airports, remember you have rights! Legally flight companies HAVE to supply you with food and water. If they haven’t REMIND THEM! Apart from that the biggest and best piece of advise is DO NOT REFUND YOUR TICKET! ONLY reschedule your flight. Rescheduling is free and if you refund your ticket, you will be stuffed later on when you book a NEW flight – The chances are it will cost WAY MORE than the refund you got. Currently Ryan Air has canceled all flights until Wed 21st April.

Last but not least talk to everyone you can, try to share lifts or chip in together for taxis home. You are more than welcome to use this site as a forum for who can help who. For example my brother needs a lift to the UK. Anyone want to chip in together for a taxi or has a car? Get writing below its free and no sign up needed. All feedback welcome and needed. Remember the above sites are updated before the airlines update their own sites so keep checking.


p.s. If you can’t write below, click the posts title above, then you should see the comment box.

British helpline number below:

ManCry Debate Of The Week: Would You Fire A Blind Person?

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Well Gentlemen it’s that time of the week again. Lets see we have covered midgets and wheelchair users so up next might as well be… the blind. So take it with a pinch of salt please, don’t be offended. Mind you saying that it’s not like any blind people will be reading this so fuck  em! Let’s get started…

ManCry Debate Of The Week  Would You Fire A Blind Person?

Let’s be honest – It doesn’t happen. Not only because it would look very bad in the old “PR” department but for the simple fact that a lot of blind people won’t get the job in the first place. I’ll give anyone £10 right now if they can tell me they know a blind person who’s employed as a (similar to a midget in fact):

1. Bodyguard

2. Window Cleaner

3. Data Entry Clerk

Now I’m sure there are some blind people employed in the white-collar industry. There must be. Now a days with modern technology the work computer can speak out what’s on the screen and direct blind people. This enables them to almost live a normal life and carry out work perhaps even more efficiently than some of the useless normal sighted lazy bastards I know. Quite amazing if you think about it really. However, as with the wheel chair users, there are some sentences you would just have to completely avoid using, just to be on the safe side. For example:

“I see your point.”

“I don’t think you’re seeing the bigger picture”

“I don’t know how you didn’t see that one coming!”

“Did you see the game last night?”

“What can you see yourself doing in 10 years?”

“Do you mind if I put your desk lamp on, I can’t see a thing?”

“Honestly mate, it was unmissable!”

“Did you see the look on his face!”

“Have you seen Avatar yet ? It’s got amazing 3D effects!”

Those are only the examples off the top of my head, there literally must be thousands. I suppose thinking about it, if you were blind, you would want to be treated normally like the rest of us. The problem is if they were to be treated “normally” like us, then they have to accept the jokes, puns and comments like we all do. I just don’t think they can keep up with it. It’s not their fault of course, even a simple ice breaker like “Did you see Lost last night?” gets you in trouble.

So, if your blind and lucky enough to get a job in the first place, the chances of you loosing it are virtually none. Anyway, in the unlikely event that you do lose your job – You’ll never see it coming anyway.

No further questions your honour…….

Until the next debate. Enjoy the week.

ManCry’s Top 5 Fishing Excuses

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Always a last resort....

I literally just got back from a fishing trip with a friend. In the space of 6 hours we caught nothing but managed to make about 1000 excuses to why we went home empty handed. So I thought I would share our top 5 excuses with you, use at your own risk, laugh along or be honest and just admit you have used them too!

Number 5 – Over-fished

A classic excuse. Just summarize with “This is a great spot. It’s too great – It’s clearly been over fished. There’s nothing here. Lets go home.” Short but sweet.

Number 4 – Under-fished

The opposite of the classic “Over fished”. Just explain your empty fishing net with ” This lake’s been way under fished. The fish have clearly migrated.” If ever challenged to explain “What do you mean  migrated? You mean the fish moved lake?”, just play it cool and answer with “Yeah, nature always finds a way.”

Number 3 – Perfect Weather

It’s as simple as this – How many times have you gone fishing on a perfect day and come home empty handed? Exactly. That’s because the weather is clearly too perfect. Too sunny, too warm or too quiet for the fish. Take your pick and stick to it. After all it’s probably true.

Number 2 – The Beer Can “pffhhhh”

This is a desperate one but it works a treat, especially with new first time fisherman friends. Play it cool, enjoy the day and talk to your friend normally while fishing. When he goes to open a beer from the bag, the very instant the beer is opened and goes “pfhhhh” shout out “Ah for fuck sake!I had one right next to the bait!” If challenged with “Where I don’t see it!?” reply with “Well of course not, you just scared it off!”

Number 1 – Global Warming

The best excuse but ironically the most seldom used. My friend used it today and I found myself driving home convinced he was 110% right. It goes something like this “Well you know the problem today right? Global warming isn’t it! Yep, we don’t even know what’s going on with the world’s weather right now, so how can we expect the fish to? We had such a harsh winter, everything was frozen worse than ever before. This causes the roots and plant life to rot and de-oxygenate. It wouldn’t surprise me if all the fish in here are dead. We’ll try again next year.No more we can do.”

So there you have it gents. The top 5 list in print. Be honest, how many have you actually used ? How many will you use? I thought so…..

ManCry Debate Of The Week – Would You Fire A WheelChair User?

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I think he over compensated just a little bit

Well thanks to my popular debate last week, I am very pleased to announce that several people found ManCry by googling the following : “Midget” “Fat Midget” and “Strong Midget” ! WHO the hell  starts up firefox and googles THAT!? God bless the internet! So after popular feedback from my last debate : Would you fire a midget? (here), enjoy the new topic.

ManCry Debate Of The Week – Would You Fire A WheelChair User?

Well I’d say firmly that your answer is NO! No one sacks little  wheelchair fellas. Simple as that. The main reason being  it would look really bad if you did. Plus the fact you  pity them, even when that’s the last thing they want you to do. There are literally so many scenarios where I would be paranoid to even use the word “Walk” in front of a wheelchair user. Even though they probably wouldn’t be offended, why take the risk? Picture the scene:

Wheelchair employee “So Dan, good weekend?”

Normal leg operational employee  Dan

“Yeah good thanks, went with the wife  for a nice walk… I mean stroll… I mean run, I mean erm.. I  couldn’t get out of bed all Weekend. NO! I didn’t mean couldn’t sorry of course I could, I mean I did nothing all weekend, just sat on my arse all day. Erm not that there’s anything wrong with that. Coffee?”

You can imagine how quickly the hole gets deeper and deeper with every wrong word placed. Also imagine an innocent helpful suggestion, gone wrong:

(Wheel Chair user looks stressed out)

Employee DanYou look stressed my friend, go take a walk and get some fresh air. Erm I mean wheel about, go take a little wheel about. “

Also I wonder if any wheelchair users have actually made this statement in anger and instantly wished they hadn’t

“I can’t take much more of this, I’m walking out in a minute” (tumble weed rolls past…..)

I wonder as well if there is also an unspoken agreement about  certain music you should never play in the office when there’s a disabled employee. Perhaps this , this or this would be a bad example to listen to at  full volume.

In summary, your job is safe as a wheelchair user employee. Not as safe as a midget, if you want to be extra safe, be a wheelchair bound midget! I hope you enjoyed this enlightening debate. It’s meant in jest, so if anyone’s offended, particularly wheelchair users,  I’m sorry, take a deep breath and walk away from the computer…..

Some classic wheelchair gags. Enjoy:

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