Soundtrack Of The Weekend – Fringe (2008)

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Well I’m sorry it has been a while since we had a soundtrack of the weekend! My choice is Fringe. I just finished Season 2 and It is superb. I would describe it as “The new X-files”. The Fringe team is dedicated to all things wierd and wonderful and each episode is well written with new and exciting events taking place. However, the main story of the series is extremely well developed and Season 2 just finished with me on the edge of my seat. Also you have to watch this, as there are some EPIC father and son scenes throughout the series. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out! Season 3 starts  22nd September. (Season1 and 2 are currently on )

Did I mentions it has the same director and musician as LOST ( J.J. Abrams & Michael Giacchino ? Now you know its good 🙂  Enjoy the weekend Gents….

New Feature : Guest Blogger’s ManCry Questions

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Welcome to our new feature gentlemen :  the Guest Blogger’s Mancry Questions. I can see a lot of you who visit our site have your own blogs. So I thought why not get your opinion on some ManCry content and help promote your blog. This weeks special guest is Eric who runs a fantastic blog called filmfather. be sure to check it out!

So here come the important questions:

What was the last film you had a good old fashioned Mancry too and why ?

That’s easy — the instant Mancry classic Toy Story 3. Any man who doesn’t weep at the final scene with Andy, Bonnie, and the toys needs to see his doctor…he’s probably dead.
Are you one of those people who rarely admit to crying at films or share that information readily ?

Depends on the film and who I’m talking to. I’ll do it in front of my wife no matter what the film…however, I won’t be telling my burly Italian buddy Tony any time soon that I well up at the end of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Have you ever cried to a film and then denied it or to cover it up ?

Sure, but I can’t remember which ones. For some reason, any film with a crowd that roars to its feet in cheers from a dead silence gets me every time (i.e., the end of Babe).

Favourite ManCry film of all time ?

Finding Nemo. I defy any father with a son to not cry at least twice at that movie (I’m good for a least three times).

Have you seen Field of Dreams and did you cry to the ending scene  (here) ?

Um, yeah! I’m a guy who played baseball with his dad. Is this a trick question?

Favourite film soundtrack ?

Hard to pick just one, and I’m not in front of my music collection right now, but here goes: Pulp Fiction, Heavy Metal, A Clockwork Orange, The Third Man, Saturday Night Fever, Purple Rain, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Any other comments you would like to share with our fellow ManCry readers ? ( could be recommendations  , a story etc )
Other Mancry films I’d recommend, or at least ones that made my eyes leak: The Green Mile, Monsters Inc., WALL-E, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Rudy, The Iron Giant, Philadelphia, E.T., Up…

Many thanks again Eric ! Most importantly, he has confirmed, yet again that Field of Dream is the ultimate ManCry film 🙂 If you have any more questions for Eric, please get writing below! If you would like to be our next guest blogger please write to



Reviews of films mentioned above

Our New E-mail Address

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Hi Gents,

Just a quick note to say our new e-mail address is now . You can contact us any time if you wish to write an article, be a guest blogger or ask about advertising or if we would be interested in promoting your site. Let the spamming begin!

The Very Best/Worst of Jean Claude Van Damme

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JCVD is go cool, this isn't even slightly gay!

Well as this was requested here are some of the very best moments of Van Damme. Who ever made this video thanks but the joke is on you. I smiled throughout all the video as there are no worst bits. Everything JCVD does is instant classic  material / Hollywood gold. I totally forgot about the snake scene. Only one man on earth is allowed to punch a snake and his name is Jean Claude Van Damme! Epic stuff! Please Enjoy!

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