More Lost… Father/Son Theme Moments

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Christian "Jack, I'm Gay"

Maybe it’s just me (feel free to call me sad)  but man do I miss LOST. Feel free to look back and enjoy these great scenes from season 1. Sawyer meets Christian and then kindly tells Jack about it. Some moving stuff.  Hmmmm

ManCry Exclusive – Lost Ending Scene Text/Ring Tones MP3’s

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Think about this – You love lost and you’ve watched the ending over 10 times. What’s the next step? Lost mp3’s of course! So feel free to enjoy these little snippets as a text or ring tone. Emotional stuff…. 🙂

(Don’t forget our fantastic lost page with ending, soundtracks and montages HERE )

All clips are from the ending scene between Jack and Christian. Enjoy! Feedback and requests wanted!

Click here to get them (100% free)

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*note* the mp3’s are at the bottom of the page, click to hear them and “download file” to save them

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – Wyatt Earp (via ManCry)

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Well Gents, I have  been very busy as of late. So the Soundtrack of The Weekend will be an old, but classic choice! Enjoy the Weekend everyone!

Soundtrack Of The Weekend - Wyatt Earp Have you ever had one of those crazy dreams that’s really random? Well I had one last night, I was in a queue for something, at a fishing store I think when I suddenly noticed I was behind Wyatt Earp (Kevin Coster edition). Now that was random and also wierd, as I haven’t been to a fishing store in ages! So I thought that must … Read More

via ManCry

Recommendations / Guest Writers Wanted

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Hello Gents,

I’ve been very busy as of late so sorry for the lack of ManCry content. I really need some fresh ideas and recommendations. So get typing below please – Any good films that aren’t on ManCry that should be? Would you be interested in being a guest writer for ManCry? It’s free and I will of course give links to your blog / website if you have one. It could be an article about your favourite ManCry film or an article in general that you think our readers might enjoy. Don’t just sit there! Get thinking……  (get in touch below or e-mail me at with the subject “ManCry”)
Enjoy the day!

New iPhone 4G Latest Info / Live Feed

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Every time someone adds this icon, Kevin Costner smiles.

Im following the live feed for all the latest gucci info. Click here to check it out. Pre order anyone? Kevin Costner ManCry icon will look sweet (click here to get it )

Lost Tribute: Lost Ends With Mixed Fan Reactions

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(For those of you who haven’t seen it already – The lost ending scene in full can be viewed here )

Well it’s official, Lost is finished. Now like millions of fans, I find myself with nothing to do once a week for an hour! I look back at the series and smile. Simple as that! My personal thoughts on the ending are this : It was perfect. I think it ended in a way that suited the series perfectly. I’ve heard several people saying “So basically the plane crashed and everyone died at the beginning” WHAT!? No! Everything that happened on the island was real. As Jacks Dad said, some died before Jack, some long after. The place they created can be viewed as purgatory if you wish. The point is, I really enjoyed seeing all the characters together before they went into the light. I wiped tears away as you heard Christian say “Hey Kiddo.”

I love father and son scenes in films, and when Jack said “Dad?” I instantly started to weep. It reminded me of the classic Field of Dreams ending scene! (Field of Dreams ending scene here).  My personal view about Lost is, it wasn’t about all the science and unanswered questions. It was all about the love story. The story of our characters that we learned to love,laugh and cry with. For all you hardcore sci-fi fans out there, I can understand why you were disappointed. But for all you love story fans, we walked away from the TV wiping our eyes happy. I would say it really was the best TV series I’ve ever seen with one of the most satisfying endings ever.

Of course, for me one of the most moving parts of Lost, was its superb music. Incredible. So as my tribute, please watch the ending (link above) and enjoy some moving soundtrack and montage scenes. Love to know your thoughts…

It was a pleasure being LOST!

Some of the BEST montages on the internet :

Some great soundtracks:

I haven’t put on the bloopers – because I like to pretend Lost is real 🙂

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