ManCry Debate Of The Week – Would You Fire A Person With Tourettes Syndrome

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Well, It’s that time of the week again Gents! It’s time for a new debate and this weeks topic is:

ManCry Debate Of The Week – Would You Fire A Person With Tourette’s Syndrome ?

Like many people who suffer some sort of disability, they integrate themselves into the everyday work force and lead normal lives just like the rest of us. However, I think Tourette’s has to be one of the better problems to have in life. I think it’s somewhat of a blessing to always be able to say what you think : the truth. Sure there are probably some jobs you shouldn’t expect to see a Tourettes sufferer do, for example :

1. An Opera Singer

2. A Ventriloquist

3. A voice over actor for Disney

To be honest, if you have  a Tourette’s sufferer in the work place, it could be rather refreshing. Think of all the people you know who lick the arse of their boss to get a raise, who constantly love every single idea their boss gets, so they think it improves their chance of promotion, or the many, many people you know who are very, very polite to someone’s face and then slags them off behind their back. Well hello Mr Tourettes. No bullshit, no fuss:

Your Boss “So if no one objects I think we should ju…”

“Mr Tourettes “Fucking bullshit… Wanker!”

Boss “OK forget that idea, well said thanks”

I”m sure for the sufferer it must be annoying for them to always say what’s on their mind I’m sure. But personally I wouldn’t mind it in the work place. Hell if I had my choice I’d have several employees with Tourettes, sitting next to each other. That way they can set each other off all day and not get annoyed at each other, as they both can’t help it. However, when I say  Tourettes employees, I’m talking about the ones who swear and say what’s on their mind. I have no problem with that. What really annoys me are these “new” so called Animal Tourettes sufferers. Swearing and saying your mind is one thing but making dog,cat, any household pet noises all day – Fuck that! I’d encourage them to swear,shout or sing all day instead of that. Imagine sitting next to a small annoying little dog in the workplace for 8 hours! It would be just the same. So let be clear, “old school” Tourettes – Brilliant, no problem and they would never get sacked, their great! But the “new breed” animal noise Tourettes  – No. Actually yes in some cases. E.g. a kid who always makes dog barking noises – Sure you can get a job – but only working with dogs. Get my drift? So then, that’s my opinion Gents, yours as always is very welcome below:

But first please enjoy this : The clip below is by far the best documentary I’ve ever seen about people living with tourettes.It made me laugh so hard while at the same time making me understand what it must be like. The analogy at the end the guy uses about how no one wants to play charades with him is simply brilliant.


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  1. I think that you are seriously misinformed about what Tourette’s Syndrome is. Sufferers don’t generally just say what’s on their mind. They have random uncontrollable physical and motor tics that often have nothing to do with their surroundings. Furthermore, only about 10% of sufferers exhibit coprolalia, the random yelling of taboo words. There’s no such thing as “old school” and “new” Tourette’s; there’s what the media perpetuates as normal (coprolalia) and what is much more likely to be normal (blinking, throat clearing, muscle jerking, and random noises). Also, I hope you know that the Americans with disabilities act prohibits people from discriminating against those with a disability such as Tourette’s when it comes to employment.

    • HI Mike, First of all thanks for the feedback. I am well informed about Tourettees and completely agree with what you have written, However, like all my articles, it was written in jest. I hope you didn’t take it seriously as it isn’t meant to be taken that way what so ever. One of my most viewed articles is actually having a laugh about midgets. I wrote I hope I don’t offend with that article but I didn’t with this one as it is my 4th “Would you fire a….” article. Thanks for the feedback once again

    • I was about to comment this but you did it for me😂Thanks

  2. […] people while making others laugh. So we’ve done midgets, wheelchair users,  the blind and tourettes, here comes our new topic. Let the debate begin […]

  3. You wrote: “I am well informed about Tourettees . . . However, like all my articles, it was written in jest.”

    I don’t think you are well informed about Tourette’s, otherwise you would realize that it is not a joking matter. Tourette’s is a very misunderstood disorders and your article only perpetuates the stereotype.

    Here is a trailer for a documentary I am working on that profiles a typical case of Tourette’s:

    • I just watched your link Matt very interesting documentary thanks for that. Like I said, like many things on this site, it is not to be take seriously. However I’m glad you were honest to share your opinion especially as you shred the link to the documentary . Many thanks.

  4. Written in Jest? Tourette’s is something that ruins lives. Would you ‘jest’ about Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy or Cancer? Oh, you’ll say, well Tourette’s doesn’t kill – no it doesn’t, but it kills the spirit of so many who suffer with it, it makes life hell.

    If you knew anyone who really suffered from Tourette’s, or had a close family member so afflicted, then perhaps you’d have thought twice before writing such offensive and damaging words.

  5. Hi, nice misinformation. Hey look at my username…guess what I have…Tourettes Syndrome. I hurts like hell, physical tics, and misinformation is in a sense slightly ignorant. I mean no personal insult, but think of people like me who may read them.

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