Lost: The Ending Scene in Full

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A perfect ending to an amazing series in my opinion. Man did I cry to this! A father/son scene is always a tear jerker, this one is certainly no different. AMAZING stuff. “Hey kiddo”has me almost in tears even thinking about it. Id go as far to say as, the ending to Lost is one of the best endings to a TV series ever made. Yes, it doesn’t answer all our questions, but it sure as hell left us all smiling at the end. Enjoy!


My Featured Article on Smitten By Britain

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I wrote an article that was published on a great little site called smittenbybritain.com . It’s a brilliant little  site and the article can be read here . It’s about what I miss about my homeland (England) , with a funny story at the end how I ended up breaking a girls nose. Glad I can make a few people laugh while promoting ManCry at the same time. Special thanks to smittenbybritain. Enjoy!

The Best Fishing Bloopers Ever!

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I’m off fishing in Sweden tomorrow for the Weekend. Fishing is on my mind at the moment, so I put in fishing bloopers on YouTube. I’ve never laughed so much! The title has it right, they really are the best fishing bloopers ever. I hope you enjoy them as much as me. Have a great weekend Gents

ManCry Laugh Of The Day: Get In My Guard

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Well Gents, if you are like me, not only do you enjoy a little ManCry like the rest of us, you also enjoy watching MMA/ UFC. This had me in stitches and we all know the stereotype it’s aimed at. Enjoy! Now I just have to wait until July to watch Lesnar dominate Carwin…  Yeah you HEARD me! (insert abuse below)

5000 + Hits And Counting… THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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Well, just a little note to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who visits the site. I’m pleased you all seem to be enjoying it. I sleep well at night knowing over 500 people have enjoyed the Field of Dreams ending scene, many have enjoyed the new “ManCry Debate of The Week” feature and lastly , all of you who seem to enjoy the many ManCry film reviews, soundtracks and other regular features. As always, I hope you have both laughed and had an inspiration to let the tears loose while browsing. Of course the more feedback and comments on here the better. If you have suggestions or just a quick comment you are always welcome, so get writing! Thanks again and keep on coming back! Remember – ITS OK TO HAVE A MANCRY!

Here’s a little treat. Our man Kevin Costner of course! Superb soundtrack. Listen to this and tell me you’re not in the mood to run around the woods pretending to be Kev. Maybe it’s just me…….

The Hardest ManCry I’ve Ever Had (And It Was To A Documentary): The Memory Loss Tapes

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God bless

Picture the scene : It was a nice Sunday afternoon, my wife was asleep and my son was having his nap. I turned on the TV and flicked onto a channel. After a few minutes of watching , I had worked out it was about people with Alzheimer’s disease. I couldn’t flick the channel. 30 minutes later, I couldn’t stop crying and wiping the tears away. I’m talking about the ManCry you have ONCE a year when it includes the embarrassing “umhhhh umhhh ahhh” inhaling of air between tears noises you make. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM! I BEG YOU. It was one of the most fascinating documentaries I’ve ever seen and whats more it’s also COMPLETELY FREE TO WATCH ONLINE NOW! ( just click here and be prepared to cry.)

This simple but fascinating documentary follows the lives of some selected individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. It was both fascinating and educational while at the same time, sad and tragic to see the impact that Alzheimer’s has on a family as well as the patient. Some of the scenes in this film I will never forget, they were truly unbelievable. For example : One old man is on his way to a concert reunion. Just the trip in the car, he asked 50 times “Where are we going? Do I know these people?” But as soon as he was on stage with old friends, they started to sing and he joined in, full song solo. I was the edge of my seat in amazement. By the time he stopped singing and walked off the stage, he didn’t know where he was or who half the people were in the room. It was like a real life version of The Notebook.

It was fascinating. The part that really had me crying was the end of film. An old man with Alzheimer’s, practically bed bound, living with his wife. He used to be a children’s entertaining on TV and he would say goodnight by saying “That’s all folks but we’ll see you all again soon, because we like to be on TV.” My heart just simply broke when you see a tragic sad scene of him passing away months later. Then at his funeral , all you could see was those balloons that children’s entertainers use to make different animals with. By this point I  think I cried so much that I couldn’t even see the TV anymore.

So I beg you please take the time to watch this amazing documentary about Alzheimer’s . It gives you an amazing insight to what it must be like for people, you’ll have a bloody good cry , and then after wards thank God that you don’t have it or get it. Trust me, you NEED to SEE THIS!

Just click here to watch it for free online (full screen, good quality and legal) or share this link with others http://www.hbo.com/alzheimers/memory-loss-tapes.html .


*UPDATE* I didn’t realize the online version isn’t the full one. “My friend” found a torrent online though. Not amazing quality but well worth watching the rest of it. Click here to get the torrent.

Yeah I Cried To Lost – At least I Admit It! Sun and Jin Death Scene / Locke’s Plane Crash (Hmmmmmm!)

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Yeah I admit it, I shed a tear to Lost the other day. Some truly moving scenes that really caught me off guard. If you don’t watch Lost – I’ve just TOTALLY spoiled a part of it for you!!!! Lost is brilliant, I can’t wait to see how it all ends. Until then, enjoy these moving scenes the superb music from the series.

I’ll be honest I cried to this too. A great father & son themed moment from the same episode of Lost. When Locke denied his Dad was gone, the tears started to flow!

Superb Soundtrack: Chills down my spine!

ManCry Now Even More Famous : Now Featured on LAMB

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ManCry is now featured on LAMB. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out here . LAMB stands for “The Large Association of Movie Blogs.” It’s a great site to get the latest and best blog movie reviews. Of course feel free to click on Mancry once you are there 🙂 If you have your own blog related to movies you can submit it to the site for free. I know you’re probably thinking “But why do I need to go elsewhere other than ManCry? You cover all my movie/mancry/soundtrack and midget needs!” Good point, I’ll shut up now. Anyway feel free to check it out….

ManCry Laugh Of The Day: Lost Parody

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If you love Lost like me, you probably can’t wait for the next episode to air! How it will all  end is anyone’s guess but lets not open a can of worms now! Until then, enjoy this brilliant parody!

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