Flight Delays – The Latest Information For Those Of You Who Are Stuck In Europe! Lift Sharing Info / Live Feed

April 19, 2010 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Articles, News | 1 Comment
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Look on the bright side, It's like a big game of RISK!

Well my family are on vacation with me right now. They still haven’t managed to fly home yet. The most frustrating thing about all of this is the news, airports, flight companies and radio all have conflicting reports! So here is the latest update and the best sites to check out to keep updated:

As of this posting, Spain seems to have the most open airports. For a map of open airports in Europe that is updated regularly click HERE (NewYork Times) . Most companies are redirecting passengers to Spain.

For the latest information about European airspace click HERE (NATS)

For a live feed to see the volcano that is causing all this trouble click HERE

For those of you lucky enough to be on the worst airline RYAN AIR, they do not contact you at all! Just try to reschedule your flight yourself online. For those of you stuck in airports, remember you have rights! Legally flight companies HAVE to supply you with food and water. If they haven’t REMIND THEM! Apart from that the biggest and best piece of advise is DO NOT REFUND YOUR TICKET! ONLY reschedule your flight. Rescheduling is free and if you refund your ticket, you will be stuffed later on when you book a NEW flight – The chances are it will cost WAY MORE than the refund you got. Currently Ryan Air has canceled all flights until Wed 21st April.

Last but not least talk to everyone you can, try to share lifts or chip in together for taxis home. You are more than welcome to use this site as a forum for who can help who. For example my brother needs a lift to the UK. Anyone want to chip in together for a taxi or has a car? Get writing below its free and no sign up needed. All feedback welcome and needed. Remember the above sites are updated before the airlines update their own sites so keep checking.


p.s. If you can’t write below, click the posts title above, then you should see the comment box.

British helpline number below:


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