The Pacific / Band Of Brothers Soundtrack & Intro Starting Theme Comparison

March 25, 2010 at 11:23 am | Posted in Film, Soundtrack | 4 Comments
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Well, I’m sitting in my office with chills down my spine listening and watching both Soundtracks. Love them both, simply amazing pieces of music. I thought I would take the time to put both of them on one post for you to enjoy and perhaps compare.

Which do you prefer? It’s a hard choice, they are both beautiful in my eyes but I’d have to say Band Of Brothers wins for me. Just can’t beat it!  Roll on the next episode……..

Don’t forget to check out my page on “The Pacific” download links and guide if you haven’t already here.

Read my article about “Band Of Brother Syndrome” here

ManCry Tribute to the soldiers here

Enjoy Gents: (dry throat time hmmmmm)

Watch and listen in the order below and try to make a decision! Very hard indeed! Feel free to vote below



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  1. A tough call, but as far as main themes go, I still love Band of Brothers the most. Thanks for the post!

    • thanks for the visit. Love your site keep up the good work. Do you mind if I put a perm link to your site on my blog? Vise versa welcome

  2. A tough call,. . . I agree.

    I think there’s alot of devoted Band of Brothers fans who now look back on a completed series.
    The Pacific has ‘just’ gotten underway, and while many of us are already devotees of the series, let’s wait for its completion.
    Both the theme, and the story, are a worthy complement of the first series.

    Semper Fi.


    • many thanks for your feedback . A good argument and perhaps we should enjoy the pacific until it’s finished and talk again soon 🙂 Thanks again.

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