The Problem With “The Pacific ” – “Band Of Brothers Syndrome”

March 17, 2010 at 1:54 pm | Posted in Articles, Film | 6 Comments
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Hello All! I can see a lot of you have been finding my links and guide to downloading “The Pacific” series helpful (here), so glad I can be of service to you all. Don’t forget new episodes will be online every Monday. I just wanted to share my thoughts / impressions from watching the first episode of The Pacific series.

First of all, I thought it was excellent. The trouble is I have self diagnosed myself with what I like to now call “Band Of Brothers Syndrome “. (BOBS for short). For almost half an hour or more, I was continually thinking about Band Of Brothers and even comparing it to The Pacific series. This is for obvious reasons:

The presentation is identical – The white text and red lines at the start are the same in both series

The real life interviews – Both series have these at the beginning.

The Introduction theme – Similar style with slow music, grainy film and black and white effects.

Like I said, I LOVED it so don’t get me wrong  – I’m a huge fan of the series and have been eagerly waiting for years to watch it. I just think the fact that people can’t help comparing it to BoB almost ruins it a little, as it rightfully shouldn’t be compared. The producers have labelled it as “an accompanying piece to Band Of Brothers” , so it is clearly meant to remind us of it.

If you go on any message boards or facebook pages, comments from torrent sites (not that I even download torrents!:P ) a lot of the people seem to have my problem as well. I think it is hard to enjoy a new series or get connected to new characters, when less than ten minutes into the first episode your thinking to yourself – “this will be a slow episode like BoB was for the first one” or “Cpt Winters wouldn’t of done that!”. On more than one occasion I found myself looking closely at my TV screen thinking I’m SURE I’ve seen him before, was he in BoB? He looks a bit like Winters! etc etc etc

So in closing, I still look forward to the rest of the series and I’m a huge fan. It will just take me and a lot of others time to stop comparing it to Band Of Brothers.

The most important question of course is “Do you have Band Of Brothers Syndrome as well?”

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  2. Nope

  3. Nah

  4. no

  5. Nuh uh

  6. Oh gosh, yes. I actually was a little hesitant to watch the Pacific because I was afraid it wouldn’t measure up to BoB. XD I did find it hard to like to new characters simply because a part of me was waiting for an Easy Company guy to show up. Ohhhh dear.

    But I really enjoyed the Pacific, nevertheless! XD

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