This Website Is Now Officially Famous….

March 7, 2010 at 9:45 am | Posted in Film | Leave a comment
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Well thanks to the joy of Kevin Costner people,  all around the world are coming together in harmony and then chatting about my review. 81 people have enjoyed my Kevin Costner & Modern West Live review (here) and its going up daily. I can’t stop smiling thinking of the people reading the comment about people in wheel chairs standing at the end…..

This is how famous we have become :

from a message board on Kevin Costner Scrapbook

“NO wait.. I cannot sleep before I’ve posted this link…. not only a  ManCry for once but it’s wonderful”

PEOPLE ARE NOT SLEEPING UNTIL THEY POST LINKS TO MANCRY! Now presumably the next step is DREAMING about ManCry! Watch this space as they say…. It nice to know people are getting so excited about this site. God bless message boards!

A Big THANK YOU to all our regular readers and a hello to our new ones. Also thanks to KT for the comment on the message board. Nice little site to check out if you  the have time –

Enjoy the rest of the Weekend

P.S If you STILL haven’t slept in the last 48 hours 1/ Thanks for checking out ManCry 2/ Write about it in at least 5 more messageboards 3/ Visit to get help as you actually have insomnia.

( Might as well get you to promote ManCry before you have a sleep though eh!)


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