Kevin Costner & Modern West – Live Concert Review

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I had the pleasure of attending the live concert of Kevin Costner & Modern West over the Weekend. Here is my honest review below: Be warned , some of you reading may throw up out of pure jealousy : It was amazing.

Performers: Kevin Costner & Modern West

Date: 28th February 2010

Location: Randers, Denmark

Time: 20:00

Attendance: Approx 1,000 people ( The first sold out evening on their tour of Europe)

The Opening:

Well at 08:00 on the dot, we were introduced to Sarah Beck, the back up artist for the tour. Like most people in the audience, I had no idea who she was, but she did have a nice set of legs. She sang some country-style music plus her own version of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. Easy listening, good voice but after 10  minutes I just wanted to hurry up and see Kev.

Kevin Costner Introduction:

This was amazing. Picture this: The lights dimmed and  it went pitch black. Then a voice whispers “Build it… and they will come…”  Then we watched what can only be described as the greatest Kevin Costner montage EVER MADE! Literally every film he has ever done, the new and the classics, all in a great montage with some well placed music. There was even a slow motion scene from The Postman – I was a very happy man! So as the montage came to an end the smoke machine was going off and the massive amount of lights were cascading throughout the building Hollywood style.

I’ll be honest the montage was so good, that could have been IT and I would have driven home a happy man! Anyway as I was saying… So as the montage came to an end the smoke machine was going off and the massive amount of lights were cascading throughout the building Hollywood style… We are all awaiting the grand entrance of Kevin Costner when a spotlight shines to the back of the audience and KEVIN COSTNER is standing 3 METERS to my right smiling and just says hi and waves! He fooled us all with the grand entrance and it took him at least 10 minutes to get to the stage. He kissed, hugged and shook hands with everyone near by. I even shouted “Alright Kev” and I’m fairly sure he heard it and loved it. Best entrance EVER!

The Main Performance:

Well I didn’t know any of Kevin Costner &  Modern West’s music before I saw them live. It didn’t matter at all. I don’t think most of the people in the audience did either but everyone really seemed to enjoy it. It’s a hard music to describe as it’s not rock or country but a little in between. Lets get one thing straight – Kevin Costner can sing! He really seemed to be enjoying himself throughout the performance and it seemed to rub off on the crowd. It really was amazing to see this Hollywood A lister in a small town in Denmark enjoying himself singing and playing music. It’s not like he needs the money so he must have a genuine passion for it. Great performance from Kevin plus his band. In particular the violinist was amazing – Bobby Yang was his name (website here) and I’ve never seen someone play a violin with such energy and so well.  When I say energy I mean he was kicking above his head, jumping off platforms and dancing throughout the whole concert and even slapped Kevin Costner’s arse. OK that bit was just weird, but the rest was brilliant.

The Ending

Kevin Costner thanked us for going to the movies all these years, a dedication to fallen troops in Afghanistan and came on for 3 more songs after he walked off like most performers do. He also thanked us as Randers was the first place of the European tour that was sold out. He opened a bottle of champagne and pulled women out of the audience to dance with. One girl even jumped security to hug him and he was fine with it – A real class act.  That was the one and only time I wished I could have been a woman.


“Kevin Costner sings?” I imagine most people say when they hear about the band. I went with my wife, brother and Dad (my brother and Dad didn’t know – It was a surprise) simply for the fact that we have grown up watching and enjoying Kevin Costner movies. It was to our delight that not only was he a class act and genuinely seemed to enjoy himself, he can actually sing and the whole evening was superb. If you get the chance make sure you go. Well worth it for any Kevin Costner fan.

At the start of the concert  I noticed 2 disabled people in wheelchairs at the front and  1 blind girl. Literally by the end of the concert I couldn’t believe my eyes – The wheelchair users were STANDING and DANCING and the blind girl was taking PHOTOS! I left the concert trying to decided whether I had seen Kevin Costner live or the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ. *

*= not true but it’s the only way I can think of describing how damn good it was.

Don’t forget to check out the official website here

Various clips / pics  below to enjoy:

ALl Pictures from the concert here



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  1. Enjoyed reading your review! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi janet,
      many thanks. You blog is great so Ive added a perm link to it on the right and written a quick feature about it. If you could share my article or website on yours that would be great. Keep up the good work! have you seen him live yet?

  2. Oh, for sure, posting the link to your great review is a given! It’s at the following link with the other links I found about the Randers, Denmark concert:

    I haven’t seen them live yet but one day I will! Thanks for adding a link to my blog! The more KC fans I can share all the stuff I find with, the happier I’ll be! I like the ‘Recommended’ feature you have. I’ll have to see about adding that, for sure!

    • thanks Janet. Well I will keep an eye on your blog. Plenty of Costner content on here including Field of Dreams ending and top 5 Costner films I added last week. Or perhaps your site is only to do with Modern west? Perm link at on the right will stay where it is for your site I can assure you. Keep in touch and have a great day.

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