Soundtrack Of The Weekend – A.I

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Well people, it’s that time of the weekend again! Here’s the soundtrack of the weekend – A.I ( A.I ManCry review here). A great soundtrack to a great film. If you haven’t seen it – shame on you! Rent it or download it now! I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend whatever you are doing! I have had very little response to my “Writers Wanted” post – which means either most of our followers are illiterate or just couldn’t be bothered to write something which we would surely enjoy! If you feel inspired please contact me ( ).

The other thing I’d like to share with you is some of the hits this website has had. Thanks to modern technology, when I log into ManCry I can see what pages you are loving ( Field of Dreams is still top) and what you all googled to find us. So below is some of the “Hilarious Hits” of the week :

“Legends of the Fall gay scene” (I must have missed that part!?)

“Mel Gibson Armageddon” (I didn’t realize he was in it!?)

“Mel Gibson Robin Hood” (yeah that one’s a classic!?)

“Who’s that big black guy in” (The Green Mile was found – god knows how!)

Keep the hilarious hits coming folks – I’m loving them! Anyone want “Hilarious Hits” as a  regular feature?

Anyway – enjoy the soundtrack and have a great weekend!

BONUS and completely UNRELATED : I  found this on youtube and just couldn’t resist. Wise words from Mr Stallone :


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