Soundtrack Of The Weekend – E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial)

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Happy Weekend all! Here’s a classic film soundtrack to enjoy! (E.T ManCry review here). Treat yourself and enjoy the Weekend!

Some ManCry Moments From Greys Anatomy

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I know , I know – Greys Anatomy is loved by women all over the shop but god damn it I admit it – I shed some tears at certain scenes (insert mocking comments below). I must admit I rather look forward to sitting down on the couch with my wife watching the latest episodes. If you haven’t seen it, try to catch some episodes – It’s actually pretty good! (all on within 24hrs after they are shown on TV)

George and his Dad scenes  – I cried at these scenes (Always with the Father & Son stuff!!)

This is from a different episode. A father forgives the man who killed his daughter when he fell asleep at the wheel

New Features Added!

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It takes alot to handle so many hits on ManCry

Hello ManCry fans! As you can see above, I’ve added some new features to make ManCry even easier to share, promote and keep up to date! You can now see on the top right hand side :

The Share/Save Toolbar – Easily save & share our site  with your friends online

The Subscribe Toolbar – Easily keep up to date via subscriptions

Loved on Rate It All Toolbar– Now you can write your own REVIEW of ManCry! If you like our site please help spread the word by writing a review. All reviews welcome and appreciated !

(Be warned if it involves slagging off Kevin Costner or Field of Dreams – I will probably delete it straight away and send you hate mail! )

Don’t forget you can always use the easy method of e-mail notifications –  you’ll get an e-mail the instant a new post is added on ManCry- no spam, no crap – just good old fashioned ManCry material.

I hope these new features make ManCry even easier to use and share. Of course never forget the best method of promotion – Tell a friend about ManCry while you’re having a cold one in the pub!

THANK YOU to all of you who regularly browse – Feedback and comments welcome on anything at all – that’s what we are here for!!

And just remember – IT’S OK TO HAVE A MANCRY 😦

Sountrack Of The Weekend – Band Of Brothers

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Well, sorry for no soundtrack last weekend but I was busy working on becoming an international author. This is easily one of my all time favourite soundtracks – Band Of Brothers (ManCry review here). So put your feet up and enjoy some great music. Whatever you are doing – I wish you a  great weekend!Try fit in a ManCry if you can!

Of course I have to include the fantastic Katherine Jenkins version of the main theme. Superb stuff

And finally here’s a little treat – The ending of Band of Brothers – including the famous Winters speech ending. Emotional stuff. Here is a little fact for you –

When I came back from my tour of Iraq in 2005 – I went for a big meal with my family and friends to welcome me back safely. I stood up and made a speech saying thank you to everyone. I ended it by saying  ” Well I can’t put it any better than as Captain Winters said ” Were you a hero in the war? No but I served with a company of heroes.” Cheers to all the lads I served with . Truly unforgettable moments!

Article – Why The F*Ck Do Men Cry To Films ?

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Well I got that bored I decided to write an article myself. Sorry for the lack of activity here but I’ve been rather busy (got to work sometime you know!) I hope you enjoy it and your comments are very welcome indeed. If you feel inspired to write for this site feel free – just e-mail me at  (please put subject as MANCRY ) and I’ll take a look.

Here comes a ManCry....

Why The F*Ck Do Men Cry To Films ?

By Doug James (creator of

Have you ever wondered why the f*ck us men cry at films? Well you’re not alone! Why do we cry when know the film is a work of fiction? Why do we cry and try to cover it up with the classic line ”Something’s in my eye” excuse? Well, I will try my best to answer and analyse these questions for you the best I can in a short but honest article.

For a basis of my argument I’m going to refer to the mother of all ManCry films – Field of Dreams. If you haven’t seen this film, I suggest you do before reading on as this article will spoil the film for you and you won’t understand to what I’m referring too. Field of Dreams in literally generally regarded as the film that is guaranteed to produce a ManCry . I don’t know anyone who hasn’t watched that film and shed a tear or at least had a very, very dry throat while holding back tears.

The Father & Son

I think the most popular theme to a good old fashioned ManCry, is the father and son story. Anything that tells the story of a father and sons journey / arguments or bond really tends to hit a nerve with most men. But why is this? Well I think it’s simple : There isn’t a man out there today that doesn’t wish they had a better bond with their father. Or sadly even worse, wished that their father was still alive. Many men get on great with their fathers and have fantastic memories of their childhood with them. Most men would give ANYTHING to experience that again. Most men would just love that chance to speak to their deceased father or carry on the great experiences together. The final scene of field of dreams makes men flood with tears for the simple reason – we can relate to it and we want it!

Now I’m not even a fan of baseball but you know what? It didn’t matter one bit! It’s just the concept of being with your father again that is so moving to most people. I couldn’t have told you who shoeless Joe Jackson was before Field of Dreams , but ask any man if he’s seen the film and 99% of men will say ”of course!” followed by ”I cried my eyes out!”

The Music

Imagine watching Field of Dreams with no soundtrack. Imagine the famous final scene with only the dialogue. Do you think you’d still cry? Well Kevin Costner is that damn good so you probably would but it certainly wouldn’t be as enjoyable or moving. ( I’m a facebook fan of ”Kevin Costner is Such a Good Actor That He Would Rock Even in Lesbian Porn” fan page for a reason you know!)

I Also love film soundtracks. Musicians are so talented to be able to put together a string of notes which can completely control how we feel. Happy, sad, or relieved  to name but a few, all with just the way musical notes are put together. I find it simply amazing. I don’t know about you but I can listen to a film soundtrack and practically imagine the film scenes along with it. Very clever stuff indeed that I think is widely unappreciated.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, I’ll sum it up like this. The reason we have a good old fashioned ManCry is because we want to! We put the film on, we sit quietly, we burst into tears, we wipe our eyes and then say ”I don’t know why I do it to myself!” We LOVE IT! The father and son scene will always produce a ManCry, as almost every man can think back to his childhood, misses his dad or just wants to have a better or longer relationship with him. Imagining that you could introduce your wife or child to your dad they never met! What would he say or think? If I could have just one more day with my Dad! The list goes on and on…..The best part about a film like field of dreams is it will be enjoyed by generation after generation as we will never stop talking about our favourite ManCry to enjoy! Yes good acting helps (thanks Kev ) , a great soundtrack and a well written film all combined should last the test of time. Film writers/ directors dont always get it right I’ll admit that for sure. But when they do – something magical happens. Embrace it, share it or even deny it – either way – IT’S OK TO HAVE A MANCRY!

The Pacific – New Trailers / Updates – Coming March 14th

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*********UPDATE:***** MARCH 15th*****

Well I am a VERY happy man indeed. For those of you who don’t have HBO or live in America, The Pacific premiered lastnight. Below is the download links. The show airs every Sunday so check back Monday morning for the link. If any of you get stuck downloading the torrent, please go to the download page or write here and I will do my best to help you. You need to do 2 things:

1/ Download “Utorrent” (torrent software)

2 Go to : and download it. As of right now the first episode isn’t listed in the correct section, but you can find it on the main page.

Enjoy the episode and feedback very appreciated.Can it live up to Band Of Brothers?

*Please Note* No content is hosted on ManCry and is simply a link to another website*

Well , it’s only January 2010 and I’ve already watched Band of Brothers again from start to finish. I simply can’t wait for The Pacific to start! I only just realised there were some more trailers out, so I’ve updated the Pacific page with it as well (click here to view). Also if you have time, check out our friends at – All the latest info on the upcoming series.

Set your calendars for March 14th Gentlemen! That’s when The Pacific starts! As soon as I get a download link I will post it on here ASAP (probably from – great site for tv shows!) If it’s anywhere near as good as Band of Brothers, there will be at least one ManCry moment to love! Watch this space……

( Brilliant Band of Brothers theme sung by Katherine Jenkins here )

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – A.I

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Well people, it’s that time of the weekend again! Here’s the soundtrack of the weekend – A.I ( A.I ManCry review here). A great soundtrack to a great film. If you haven’t seen it – shame on you! Rent it or download it now! I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend whatever you are doing! I have had very little response to my “Writers Wanted” post – which means either most of our followers are illiterate or just couldn’t be bothered to write something which we would surely enjoy! If you feel inspired please contact me ( ).

The other thing I’d like to share with you is some of the hits this website has had. Thanks to modern technology, when I log into ManCry I can see what pages you are loving ( Field of Dreams is still top) and what you all googled to find us. So below is some of the “Hilarious Hits” of the week :

“Legends of the Fall gay scene” (I must have missed that part!?)

“Mel Gibson Armageddon” (I didn’t realize he was in it!?)

“Mel Gibson Robin Hood” (yeah that one’s a classic!?)

“Who’s that big black guy in” (The Green Mile was found – god knows how!)

Keep the hilarious hits coming folks – I’m loving them! Anyone want “Hilarious Hits” as a  regular feature?

Anyway – enjoy the soundtrack and have a great weekend!

BONUS and completely UNRELATED : I  found this on youtube and just couldn’t resist. Wise words from Mr Stallone :

Writers Wanted – Can You Help?

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So THAT'S how you guys make music!

I have recently contacted some musicians and psychologists to see if they would be kind enough to write a short article. For example a point of view from a psychologist about WHY we actually break down in tears to certain films would be fascinating I think. Why is the father and son theme such an easy way to produce an almost guaranteed ManCry? Music plays a huge role in a film – but HOW exactly do composers help us cry? How about the music production process? Hows it done? All these points answered in a few articles, I think would make fascinating reading.

Can YOU help? Do you know a friend or colleague that is a musician or a psychologist? Or would YOU really like to write an article for ManCry? If so I’d love to hear from you – You can e-mail me at  . All articles of course would be fully credited and links to websites gladly inserted. Hope you can help! Watch this space as they say…..

Soundtrack Of The Weekend – Big Fish

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“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

Well I can’t believe it’s the Weekend already !? I hope you have all shaken off your hangovers and started to make plans for 2010. Mine include loosing weight and eating healthier like most men’s New Years Resolutions. Sadly the thought is about as far as it usually goes but hey, it’s not our fault were “busy” with more important things right? 🙂

Turn your speakers up and enjoy the soundtrack from Big Fish (ManCry review and ending click here). Just remember I am still after all the ManCry suggestions I can get my hands on. Just add them below in the comments section. Thank you all again for checking in regularly with us and enjoy your stay 🙂 All comments/ suggestions welcome anytime. You may have noticed the new “Support us” section at the top right of the site. This way you can easily support us by following us on facebook/ twitter or digg. If you have digg don’t forget to “digg” us – then we are easier to find for others to enjoy.

Best of all, the easiest way to keep as up to date as possible – e-mail subscriptions at the top right – no spam, no junk – just ManCry material the INSTANT it’s posted.

Have a great Weekend All!

Happy New Year From ManCry – 2010 Suggestions Please!

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If only every new year was like this...

Happy New year Everyone! Thanks once again for your support and feedback. I hope 2010 treats you well and you enjoy many great times ahead. I’m running out of ManCry material – SO I WANT YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Feedback / Comments / Spam all welcome below! If you aren’t sure if the film your thinking about is on ManCry, just use the search box at the top. I hope to find some great feedback and suggestions over the next few days (after you all sober up)!!!

Have a great Weekend All!

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