The Postman (1997)

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This film has the most boring title ever, but It’s awesome ! Kevin Costner rocks – end of! If you don’t agree –  log off this site – go watch this on DVD and then write me an e-mail saying “I’m sorry – I’ve seen the light!” It’s true most people hate this film but I thought it was brilliant. My site, my rules 🙂 I must admit I would of liked to have been at the film creative meeting :

Meeting spokesman : “So anyone got any ideas for a new film? Kev?”

Kevin Costner ” Erm how about a film about a postman – Worlds gone to pot, but a guy “delivers hope” as a postman?”

Meeting spokeman “Erm are you sure about this? It sounds a little …”

(Kevin Costner slides over a signed copy of “Field of Dreams” on DVD ….)

Meeting spokesman “Lets start filming next week!”

I think it could of happened that way at least!

Memorable film quote: “How much post can a dead postman deliver?”

(I’ll use that in many arguments for when my son gets older)

ManCry star rating ***** 5/10

Ending and some great scenes below:



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