The Patriot (2000)

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I don’t know why but Mel Gibson seems to love playing a role in a film where he slaughters the English (e.g. Braveheart ). That being said The Patriot is a brilliant film. Love the slow motion parts in Mel Gibson’s films and if you didn’t get a dry throat when the first son died, you did with the second (If you haven’t seen the film, I’ve just ruined it for you). Plenty of action and brilliant quotes throughout, well acted and a decent soundtrack.

Memorable film quote :  Before this war is over, I’m going to kill you

ManCry star rating ******* 7/10

Let’s be honest – if world war III broke out tomorrow, how long would it be before you encountered your first enemy and used  the quote “Before this war is over, I’m going to kill you” ? –   ( About 4 hours……… )

*Spoiler* Thomas being shot ( hmmmmmmmmm)

Also the death of Gabriel  (hmmmmmm again ) I think they should release a new version of the film, where after the bad guy stabs Gabriel he says ” Why SO SERIOUS!?” Tasteless I know 🙂 RIP (yeah you LOL’d)

Great Soundtrack


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