Bicentennial Man (1999)

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This film is brilliant! Although a little slow for some, it’s a film that makes you smile laugh and cry as you watch it. If you haven’t seen it the trailer says it all – A robot wants to become human. Think of it as a modern day Pinocchio story if you will.  An enjoyable film that I’m sure will make most men have a little ManCry at the end without fail. Well acted and good soundtrack. Film ending , soundtrack and Celine Dion  (guilty pleasure and yeah you would !) song from the film below:

Memorable film quote :  As the great Andrew Martin once said “One is glad to be of service”

ManCry star rating ******** 8/10

*Spoiler* film ending

Moving music indeed

Celine Dion song “Then you look at me” from the film

Note: If I had a Celine Dion robot that would obey my commands – She’d do more than sing … (over share)

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  1. […] been listening to some Bicentennial Man music after putting the review online yesterday ( Click here for ManCry review) and I’ve been enjoying it so much I think it deserves to be the soundtrack […]

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