Soundtrack of the Weekend – Legends of the Fall

November 21, 2009 at 11:16 am | Posted in Film, Soundtrack | Leave a comment
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“Something for the weekend Sir?” It’s the weekend and it’s time for some music. Beautiful piece of music here from Legends of the fall. (Click here for the trailer on ManCry if you haven’t seen it already). Great music to a great film. Any film where it ends with a man fighting a bear is an instant winner in my book. I just laugh picturing the stunt double’s list of things to do that day: (presume Brad Pitt didn’t have the balls to do it himself)

1. Drop kids off at school

2. Do the shopping

3. Fight a Bear

I must admit the only thing that ruined the film for me was my wife saying “ohhhh Brad Pitt looks hot” ,when he returns riding his horse with long wavy hair. In hindsight, I thought of many defensive and creative replies such as

1. I bet he can’t even ride a horse properly

2. That’s fake hair

3. I can do that

Sadly none of these thoughts occurred to me at the time, so I just said the first thing I thought of:

“Looks a bit gay if you ask me”

……….anyway, enjoy the weekend!

P.S. Just found the film ending where the brother saves the day hmmmmmmm . Enjoy it before it’s taken down. Superb music – shivers down the spine


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