Braveheart (1995)

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What a CLASSIC. I’ve met a fair few Scottish people in my time – they all love this film. Obviously because it’s a good film and not to do with the slaughter of the English! This is a real MANS film – running around the countryside with a massive great sword, all while Mr Sausage gets to “roam free”. Those must of been the days…..

I choked up when the Hamish’s father died and the “freeeedom” ending is classic (below )

Memorable film quote “Freeeeedom”

ManCry star rating ******** 8/10

Braveheart tribute below – brilliant – Great soundtrack

How do you make a great film even greater? Take a perfectly good soundtrack to a film and make a techno remix of course! Now I haven’t been clubbing for a while – but be honest – if this came on – i’d probably go mental (and shout freeeedom!)

Possible True related story:

I went to Turkey a few years ago and got chatting to a drunk Scottish guy at a bar. Anyway we talked over the whole vacation and we got onto the topic of Braveheart (which he loved). He then told an interesting story and swore on his life and his mother (maybe she was already dead) about the film. It went something like this:

His sister worked in PR and had a meal with an actor to which he attended. The actor was the guy in the film who wears red and says ” The prisoner wishes to say a word.” (You know the one). Anyway at this dinner the actor told the story that in order for the film to be made they had to have permission from some real Wallace relatives. They called a meeting to which Mel Gibson was there and staff and directors and actors. These two Wallace related brothers turned up and said to Mel Gibson – “Are you a C*nt?” – everyone was shocked. Mel Gibson replied “No Why?” – One of the brothers said “Good because if you are making this film to make us look like C*nts , we’ll kill you.” Mel Gibson was rather shocked then said “No I want William Wallace to look good, its an amazing story.” “Good, then lets go have a fucking drink” said the brothers!

Brilliant. I hope to god thats a true story. If not it probably made you smile , like it did me and there is no way of ever knowing. Probably was true. Lets just say it IS true. Good thats that confirmed then.


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